Thanks for reading! Anything below 80 means you can't possibly do everything you need to be doing. "A measure pro-gamers use to gauge ability is APM, or actions per minute. Actions per minute, abbreviated to APM, is a term used in video games, particularly real-time strategy and fighting games which refers to the total number of actions that a player can perform in a minute. On this video you can see what I mean. As StarCraft pertains to the internet gaming subculture, gamers and patrons use some unique words and to describe things, situations, and events. I've seen some people who knew AMAAZING amounts about the game. APM stands for “actions per minute.”Put simply, it’s how many inputs a player can do on their controller or keyboard within 60 seconds. Starcraft in particular has a long history with obsessing over APM, with god tier pro gamers like Flash and Jaedong frequently exceeding 300APM, an average of 6 actions per second average for the entire duration of the match, from start to finish. 80 APM minimum would allow you to do most of that every minute and such. Actions Per Minute Speed Test. The higher APM the better. INjecting every 40 seconds, checking minimaps, scouting, building constant units, expanding, micro/macro,etc, etc. You also need to become very good at using hotkeys to shift the camera around. I mean you obviously can, but not fast enough. We should expect a fix sometime in a future patch. Anything that affects the state of the game is considered an action, including issuing an order, selecting a unit, or even creating a control group. An acronym that describes how many actions a game player completes during each minute in a real-time strategy game, which can include selecting units, building units, attacking enemies, collecting resources, and other moves; primarily used in Blizzard's StarCraft and StarCraft 2 games when assessing a player's ability. Actions per minute, abbreviated to APM, is a term used in video games, particularity real-time strategy and fighting games which refers to the total number of actions that a player can perform in a minute. APM, or "actions per minute", is a measure of how many times a player can click during a game, particularly relevant to RTSs like Starcraft 2. 216 / 300 = .72, meaning SC2 APM = 72% of your actual APM, which is nearly a 30% decrease in APM, hence why SC2 players are 30% slower. Currently (as of version there is a bug where EPM and APM values are reversed when viewing a replay. From an article about Starcraft gaming in Korea, where the top players make over 100k/year. Actions per minute are the number of actions (such as selecting units or issuing an order) completed within a minute of gameplay in real-time strategy games, most notably in StarCraft. Mouse movements need to be used to control your units and aim your spells and select the location of structures as a primary function. Means those 300 APM players should actually have 417 APM. Often it is used to shorten and acronym words so that a message can be delivered more easily and rapidly. I would hope that someone at Blizzard will read this post and change the APM system to measure APM in real-time instead of game time. APM stands for actions per minute. The more actions you can do in a minute is the more buildings you can raise, the more drones you can summon, the more army units you can build, and the more micromanagement you can do during a battle. Note that third party analysis tools often measure APM/EPM slightly differently to the Starcraft 2 software. What is your APM? The higher APM the better. Even though it is not indicative of skill it is required to get really good at the game. Definition of the acronym APM with an example. This list includes terms unique to StarCraft utilized by its gamers and excludes common internet slang (such as noob, lol, ownage, etc.) Of course, anyone can just mash every button on their controller for no reason to get a high APM, so the “actions” in APM are almost always associated with moves and actions pulled off rather than just button presses. In order to boost your Starcraft 2 APM, you will have to get good at using these, and by good I mean use them exclusively.