Within 10 seconds push the TRIP button until the maintenance indicator appears (double wrench). Call a breakdown recovery service, e.g. Smart car maintenance in Campbell, CA is crucial if you want to keep your vehicle in top shape for as long as possible, but it can be easy to forget when it’s time to get smart car repair services.Sticking to a schedule can be helpful, and your smart car comes with a built in indicator to help you do exactly that. 2. 4. Do not drive any further. SMART Warning lights are categorised into colours to distinguish the name oi the problem. ummmm What A Low Opinion Of Me Part 2. YELLOW: Amber light indicates a potential fault with your vehicle. If your maintenance indicator does not reset using the regular procedure. If you get into an accident, the airbags won't go off to protect you. Select maintenance indicator (so it's in the display) within the first 4 seconds. No go. ! rowanwitch Snoring Cures And Remedies. Video. ! If the maintenance indicator is on and your vehicle has less than 10000 miles, the instrument cluster has to be reprogrammed. I have tried pressing left hand button (left of two buttons together) on dash twice in rapid succession with ignition on then turning ignition off. ChatterBank 17 mins ago. To reset the light you will indeed need to take it to the dealer. It's literally a one-button push operation. For the DIY oil change, to reset the service indicator:-1. Quizzes & Puzzles 23 mins ago. News. 3. ChatterBank 3 mins ago. Video Reset Change Engine Oil Light on 2002-2007 Buick Rendezvous. If so, correct it and put it back on tight. Dude, this is a Canadian forum, they don't have the for4.Luckily i'm from UK so I know the answer, same as the for2.switch on the ignitionselect the maintenance indicator with the button on the side of the speedo (double push should bring it up)switch off the ignitionpress and hold the buttonTurn on the ignitionkeep the button held down and about 10 seconds later it will reset. My local garage had no success with this procedure following a service and MOT. Legolassie Pendleside Hospice C/d 6 January 2020. These lights are a high priority, meaning you should stop your vehicle immediately and contact your SMART dealership. They are: RED: This indicates a fault has been detected. so ,after a brief hike and in danger of being blown out to sea, I decided to spend 20 minutes or so sitting in the car watching the (impressive) view.It was so cold that I kept the engine running and the heater blowing (on lowest setting). Then you play the waiting game for about 2 weeks for it to run its drive cycle and the light will reset … How to reset service wrench icon light Smart Car fortwo for model year 2008-2014 without using a scan tool with this simple manual reset procedure. > The light goes out after engine is started or > goes out after no more than 10 seconds. It is an easy procedure, and only takes about 5 minutes. diagnosis). with the ignition switched on (self! Mercedes guards this information like it was Area 51! Also, I have read that if the light is on, it disables the system, so you need to get it reset ASAP. Smart forfour service reset sequence Answer Question >> Latest Posts. Reset service light indicator, engine oil life Smart Fortwo, oil reset instructions: Turn the ignition to run (one position before starting engine). Hi New here and can't hang around tonight, but can anyone advise on how to reset service indicator on four four pulse. (But do not start car!) (Maintenance should remain in the display). Switch off the ignition within the display period of 10 seconds. The owner's manual only states that an authorized Mercedes/Smart will perform this reset. smartmove Assistance or a smart center. Refresh. - just been out in for a drive to the coast in the Smart .The weather was wild !! … emmie Good Morning Earlybirds. Switch on ignition. Make sure if you are going to mess with any part of the airbag system you unhook the … you need to take your vehicle to your smart dealer so it can be reset using the scan tool. ... Video Reset Wrench Service Due Message on 1998-2005 Mercedes ML320. But before you do that, pop off your gas cap and check if the seal on it is flipped around. e) abs indicator light It lights up: !