Otherwise, pull your hair into a “pineapple” with a scarf and repeat nightly. If you have a bad habit of not covering your hair, invest in a satin or silk pillowcase. Jaleesa Charisse is a Dallas-based beauty blogger and YouTuber. I think it has helped with the health of my hair and every time I use it, my hair feels extra soft. Since moving to Spain, I have been testing different conditioners since I haven’t found the exact same products I used back in the states. Bantu Knots: However, for this routine, I did a twist out. Watch my Super Defined Wash n’ Go on 4c TWA Tutorial to learn how to achieve super luscious coils on 4c hair, along with product recommendations. She also … 4-type naturalistas tend to find gel with extra hold more effective especially when trying to enhance or create texture. But it takes a little more work to get curl definition on 4c hair. Need mid-day refreshing? What are some products you use? A good starting point for cleansing your hair is once per week. Wash and Go. After styling your wash-and-go, leave your curls to set on their own without manipulation. If your climate is humid, you may not need to do very much refreshing. Also, check out my natural hair products post here! Step 1, Pick a sulfate-free shampoo. A wash-and-go is the perfect everyday hairstyle for when you want to wear your hair down and get your curls popping! need to remove them properly and carefully. Auntie Jackie’s Moisturizing and Softening Shampoo, Creme Of Nature’s Intensive Conditioning Treatment. After shampooing, I condition. You can even pineapple your curls and coils during the day as a quick up-do style. Wash and go for 4C Natural hair has been elusive or even mythical to some women. All Rights Reserved. My hair is low porosity. In today’s video I show you how I create a defined Wash and Go without using a gel. After that, I rinse it out in order of the way I put the product in. We can’t wait to talk to you about your goals and see if we can help you achieve them. This is my creative space, where I share my thoughts on fashion, lifestyle, and travel as well as give you the best tips on how you can live your best life on a budget! Image via: @talaylayyy “Same look, different day! In this post, I have compiled a list of the ten best curl defining products for 4c hair. We’ve all gone from the healthy locks growing up to the terrible stages in high school to joining the natural hair movement. The issue is all in the technique, knowledge of your hair, then products that are used. The Wash n’ Go is one of the easiest ways to style a TWA. She styles a TWA that’s already dry using natural products. In fact, when your hair gets longer you are going to miss how easy washing your hair use to be. Wash and go’s with a few finger coils thrown into the mix is a staple look of mine. Wash Day. What I’ve learn’t is: you need to know the porosity level of your hair as that determine the moisture level of your hair. Contrary to popular belief within the natural hair community, wash-and-go hairstyles can be achieved on 4-type hair. No matter what hair type you have, there's a tutorial made perfectly for you. Soaking Wet Hair. But, it wasn’t until 2018, my senior of college that I cut some of my hair off and started to actually care about it. I use Auntie Jackie’s Moisture Intensive Leave-in and it feels great, Afterward, I use Doo Gro’s Mega Thick Formula Hair Oil and Kuza Indian Hemp to oil and moisturize. Next, I deep condition. Watch me attempt to Refresh my TWA with ONE Product on my Type 4 Natural Hair! 3 months ago No Comments. Alright, let’s start with a little hair history talk first.