2 ounces of green tea leaves 4 large lemons 1/2 pound turbinado or light brown sugar 1 quart dark rum 1 quart brandy 1 quart rye or bourbon whiskey 3 bottles champagne. Add one case of champagne when ready to serve. Rum (probably Jamaican) 1 qt. I make it once in a while but I want to … SERVES: 200. 1,757 Reviews. Article. Recipe by Chef #208121. There were a few parties I can recall where this was the staple beverage. This Chatham Artillery Punch recipe is a good one to have up your sleeve. Improve this listing. Chatham Artillery Punch . FYI guys: the Chatham Artillery was organized in 1785—and disorganized pretty much immediately after serving this drink. Serves 200 guests and the local police squad. The punch, originally concocted by Georgia’s oldest military unit, the Chatham Artillery, was mixed in large horse buckets and served at celebrations, including a presidential visit from James Monroe in 1819. Stir gently and add a little sugar syrup. 2 cups rum. Combine all ingredients, except sugar syrup and lemon peel, in a large punch bowl with a block of ice. UNITS: US. Imagine a sultry weekend in Savannah, Georgia, home of great bars such as Alley Cat Lounge and the fascinating American Prohibition Museum. brown sugar 1 ½ qts. Both with the punch and with the story I’m about to tell, I’ve tried to simplify things and focus on a few salient, meaningful details. This Chatham Artillery Punch recipe is a good one to have up your sleeve. One of the men brought in the big punch bowl to sit on the sideboard- he had obtained the old recipe from 1786 for Chatham Artillery Punch. This Chatham Artillery Punch recipe is a good one to have up your sleeve. We had a “Savannah Garden Party” and I asked everyone to bring a bottle of champagne, which is what the cocktail is mixed with. OR. 1 . gallons water. Video. River House Seafood . Discover Chatham Artillery Punch in : "As a vanquisher of men its equal has never been found. CHATHAM ARTILLERY PUNCH...A SHORT STORY A friend of mine the other day, asked me if I knew anything about Chatham Artillery Punch...It is understandable that she did … This Chatham Artillery Punch recipe is a good one to have up your sleeve. In the summer of 1995 Ms. 2. Cocktail Den and I discovered Chatham Artillery Punch, a flavorful and complex libation. We selected Chatham Artillery Punch, based in no small part on this limerick, attributed to Admiral George Dewey during a visit to Savannah in 1900. Chatham Artillery Punch Makes 25 servings. I was looking online for the receipt for Chatham Artillery Punch and found there is a lot of misinformation out there with none of them getting it right. 406 photos. MAKE IT SHINE! If you’re looking for something to serve at a party (or theme like I was) Chatham Artillery Punch is great – especially since you have to make a bathtub full to make it! This recipe makes a very large quantity of punch, so save it for a large gathering or reduce the proportions—even then, you may need to prepare a spare room for potentially tipsy travelers. My boyfriend was about to order his own, but our server actually said it'd be good to share, and she was right! Get food delivered. Orange juice 1 ½ qts. Most modernized Chatham Artillery recipes are weaker than the original formula, which is certainly strong enough to stand up to an artillery regiment. ADD YOUR PHOTO. Organized May 1, 1786, their first official duty was to pay tribute at the funeral of General Nathaniel Greene. Soak the tea leaves 8 hours or overnight in a quart of cold water. Website. ". Jul 1, 2020 - Need a great drink recipe for your next party? 125 W River St, Savannah, GA 31401-1102 (Downtown) +1 912-234-1900. 1. Museum’s Head Bartender Jason Rabe “Our version is the oldest version we could find, around 1870,” says the museum’s head bartender Jason Rabe, and he warns that the Punch is so old and so popular as to have several versions, some entirely different from the original and far weaker. The original recipes are a bit strong for modern partygoers, however, so the alcoholic content has been toned down, for the most part. Strong Tea (probably black) 2 ½ lbs. The night before, he offered some of it as solace for the men who had to get things ready for the Historian. Chatham Artillery Punch 1 ½ gal. INGREDIENTS Nutrition. Need a great drink recipe for your next party? Maraschino Cherries 1 ½ qt. On Savannah’s East Broad, very near where it bleeds... Read More. Fri, 11/13. Chatham Artillery Punch (single serving, traditional version)Shrub: peel of ½ lemon (just the yellow, not the white pith) 4 tsp (15g) finely ground sugar (sometimes called “baker’s” or “castor” sugar) 1 oz fresh lemon juice; Muddle the sugar and lemon peels, cover, and set aside for 30 minutes; muddle again, cover, and set aside for at least another 30 minutes. We start by making lemonade out of lemons. Order online . It was pretty good. 1 cup gin. The mixing of the punch is a secret that is handed down only to those who are truly worthy. It has to preserve for two days! This is NOT for the faint hearted. Imbibe! Chatham Artillery Punch. From Savannah Style Junior League cookbook. Washington was not a man of effusive speech, but he did appreciate fine detail, order, and organization. An indisputable fact: Chatham Artillery Punch is a wickedly strong concoction. It is delicious, and deceptive. At least one person every year misjudges its potency, and is then shamed the following year by having to wear a “punch card” so we can keep track of how many glasses they’ve had. Gin 1 qt. Benedictine 2 qt. With a recipe that calls for a mix of champagne, rum, brandy, and bourbon, it’s no wonder the punch has been called a “suave and deceitful brew.” Example Field Artillery Punch Ceremony- USMC “It is now time to become acquainted with the artillery’s most potent weapon – THE ARTILLERY PUNCH. Secret because we were not quite old enough to buy the alcohol ingredients on our own. Chatham Artillery Punch is the least known but probably best of all Punch drinks. The punch was a hit and so was born Chatham Artillery Punch. “That Chatham Artillery Punch, Packs a Punch!” Review of River House Seafood. Today, there are lots of different recipes for this punch. Chatham Artillery Punch Ingredients 12 lemons 2 cups light raw sugar 750 ml bottle VSOP cognac 750 ml bottle bourbon 750 ml bottle Jamaican rum 3 … Still, we keep our eye on their efforts and thank the eds for unearthing a venerable New Year’s Eve libation with a gun theme: Chatham Artillery Punch. READY IN: 168hrs. Chatham Artillery Punch $12: This comes with a souvenir glass that they bring out boxed up at the end, so you don't have to worry about cleaning the glass you drank from to take it home. Just curious if any place is known for a particularly good Chatham Artillery Punch. One early recipe, for instance, called for two gallons of wine, a gallon of rum, a quart each of gin and brandy, the juice from three dozen lemons, and a whopping six bottles of champagne. Recipes for Chatham Artillery Punch were kept secret for decades, until the New York Herald Tribune published one in the 1930s. 6 cups red wine. Sponsored. Brandy ½ pt. 8:00 PM. 11 votes, 24 comments. Chatham Artillery Punch of Savannah. Find a table. 2 . But I’ll try to use the venerable Chatham Artillery Punch as a metaphor. The Chatham Artillery Punch is right at the top. 3 . Cocktail Drinks Cocktail Recipes Cocktails Champagne Cocktail Garden And Gun Magazine Holiday Punch Punch Recipes Wine And Spirits Southern Recipes. Leave a reply. Make the jump for the recipe. Rye Whiskey 1 ½ gal. Reserve a table. Chatham Artillery Punch ShareThis According to Savannah’s Junior League cookbook, Savannah Style, Chatham Artillery Punch is the city’s most famous drink—and has been for a number of years. Legend has it a local artillery … We first encountered Chatham Artillery Punch on a paper placemat at a restaurant in Savannah; the inauspicious introduction aside, this punch has become the centerpiece of our holiday celebration, but would be equally at home at a garden wedding or pool party–provided that you keep your guests away from the edge! Lemon Juice Mix from thrity-six to forty-eight hours before serving. The first thing about this punch is you have to be from Savannah to appreciate the amount of love that goes into it. lb green tea. The Chatham Artillery is the oldest military organization of record in Georgia. Savannah Hauntings at The Pirates' House . Decorate with lemon peel twists. Chatham Artillery Punch. Or two. Ranked #122 of 839 Restaurants in Savannah. https://savannahdreamvacations.com/chatham-artillery-punch-recipe You May Also Like. Do NOT serve at the Church social. The punch bowl -- it's the perfect solution to your party drinking conundrum, especially for New Year's Eve. Plan Your Visit. Growing up in Savannah, GA our group had heard stories of C-A-P over the years and as we came of age we decided to make a “secret batch”. There’s no better way to explore the Savannah River... Read More. I'd drink it again, but wouldn't necessarily crave to. Posted on January 14, 2019 by Lee Tigner - General Information. Be the first to review this recipe. When you visit the town of Savannah Enlist 'neath the temperance bannah, For if you should lunch, On Artillery Punch, It will treat you in a sorrowful mannah. Catawba Wine ½ gal. This One-of-a-Kind Cruise is the Best Way to Explore the Savannah River. For the last handful of years I’ve been serving a variation on Chatham Artillery Punch at my birthday party (recipe below).