Zinnias can be successfully direct seeded or transplanted. They can be grown in the field or in a high tunnel and thrive in Utah’s hot summers once they are established. Buy Magellan Zinnia Flower Seeds Online. Although categorically a tender perennial, this species is most often grown as an annual for cut-flower production, as first-year plantings are more dependable in most regions. They can last as long as 2 weeks in a vase – take that roses! Zinnia Cultivar Production Trials; ... North Carolina is proud to have a comprehensive cut flower program focusing on all aspects of the cut flower industry from new cultivar evaluations to greenhouse and field production … Zinnias make good edging plants, but are also effective when grown in masses. To produce bushier plants, pinch the tops out of plants when they are four to six inches high. Color. While they do have a higher number of days to maturity than sunflowers and zinnias, most of that period is devoted to seedling development. Summer-long celebration of sensuous color! Full Description. Most varieties begin to bloom when very young and continue to bloom until frost. This cut flower variety will attract pollinators to increase garden production, but can also be used to harvest beautiful, colorful bouquets of flowers. Brighter varieties offer a fresh appeal, with lighter yellow petals and green centers, as in the case of All-America Selections Winner 'Prairie Sun.'. It grows up to three feet tall and has single or double flowers in pink, rose, red, cherry, lavender, purple, orange, salmon, gold, yellow, white, cream or light green. Select options. Weeds can be cla… Beehive-types have small blooms with stacks of flat petals resembling small beehives. CUT FLOWERS GEORGE J. To learn more about our use of cookies, as well as the categories of personal information we collect and your choices, please read our Privacy Policy. Plants should be kept well-watered and fertilized two times per month for optimum bloom. As one of the easiest cut flowers to cultivate, they are a perfect first crop for beginning growers and are reliable, prolific producers for most flower farms. As your Zinnias blooms and fade, you can deadhead by trimming each flower off at the stem to promote more flower production. Remove faded blossoms to encourage new  blooms. Zinnias are the workhorse of the farmer’s market, too. Zinnias are a warm-season annual in Utah. Zinnias a top flower for nectar, color and cut flowers Calvin Finch, Gardening April 6, 2017 Updated: April 6, 2017 2:42 p.m. Facebook Twitter Email LinkedIn Reddit Pinterest MAJUS Queen of Africa Height: up to 48 in . Nothing says summer more than an armload of cheerful zinnias. After zinnias flower, cut off the old flowers (a process called “deadheading”) to encourage more flowers to form. The petals are sunny, warm, and dramatic in tone, ranging from chocolate to cherry red, copper, and gold. Our trials have yielded up a wide palette of high-performing choices that will work well for you, whether you're into floriculture for business or pleasure. Separate roots as carefully as possible and place seedlings into their new cells up to the first set of leaves (the seedling leaves). Zinnias are resilient, however, there are a few diseases that can bring them down. Germination takes five to seven days. These cut flower varieties are reliable, beautiful and smell great! This variety forms bold, 8-inch broad heads on long, multibranched stems. The classic, golden yellow with dark centers are popular for bright or earthy high-summer and autumn bouquets, whereas those with green centers or lemon-colored petals are useful for fresh-looking spring and early-summer bouquets. An EEO/AA employer, University of Wisconsin-Madison Division of Extension provides equal opportunities in employment and programming, including Title VI, Title IX, the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act requirements. ‘California Giant’ eventually won a gold medal from the Royal Horticulture Society of England. See more ideas about Zinnias, Bloom, Plants. Another plus for zinnias is the breadth of size and shape they offer. The Zinnia has a composite flower … Zinnias have few insect pests, but occasionally can have problems with aphids (see University of Wisconsin Garden Facts XHT1043), four-lined plant bugs (see University of Wisconsin Garden Facts XHT1101) and spider mites. This is the process of cutting off the old flowers to encourage more flowers to form. Interest in zinnias increased in 1920 when Bodger Seeds Ltd. introduced the dahlia-flowered varieties ‘Giant Dahlia’ and ‘California Giant’. Button-types are similar but have flatter flowers. Double-flowered zinnias have so many rows of petals that flower centers are hidden. Zinnias typically continue producing blooms as long as the season lasts, and as long as the blooms are cut or trimmed away. There are two primary ways to plant in order to achieve a successive harvest: Because sunflowers — especially single-stem varieties — have a fast production time, both methods can be used separately or in combination for a full season of bright blooms. Rudbeckia hirta is quite susceptible to powdery mildew. Zinnias require fewer inputs than other cut flowers, but site selection and management, trellising, harvest techniques, and cultivar traits are important considerations for success. Zinnias are a great choice for the beginner gardener and a long time favorite of all gardeners. Cut Zinnias just before the blooms are completely open and when temperatures are cool. Zinnia Cactus Mix has strong stems which hold the big blooms and keep them from breaking the stems. There are many additional varieties you can consider for your particular needs. Only varieties ‘Bonita Red’ and ‘Bonita Yellow’ are readily available. Branching varieties are also valued for their greater diversity of colors, shapes, and flower size. The color range of zinnia blooms is truly impressive — from the intense, high-chroma Benary's Giant Series to the delicate, subdued tones of 'Creamy Yellow', 'Oklahoma Salmon', and 'Queen Red Lime'. These varieities had large, flat-flowered heads and multiple colors. Flower farmers will attest that zinnias with their brilliant colors, easy care and long vase life are one of the most profitable flowers to grow. Add a product that extends cut flower’s life to the collection bucket to help keep the flowers fresh. The Pumila Zinnia produces a mix of pink, purple, orange, red, white and yellow semi-double to double blooms that are 1-1.5 inches wide. Your browser's Javascript functionality is turned off. Sunflowers 2 • Zinnias 3 • Rudbeckia. Space plants four to 24 inches apart depending on variety. The Cut and Come Again Zinnia is just like its name, its the best variety for those who love fresh cut flowers again and again! Zinnias require fewer inputs than other cut flowers, but site selection and management, … Blooming in late summer and early fall, Rudbeckia triloba makes autumn bouquets sparkle. In Stock Add to Wishlist Quick View. The flowers are excellent for cutting and the bouquets can last a week or more in the vase. The following is a partial listing of herbicides that can beused in cut flower production. Learn the step-by-step process on how to deadhead Zinnias in Pots. Varieties such as Benary’s Giant, Cut and Come, State Fair, Oklahoma, Edwardian Mix, and Cactus Flowered Mix are all excellent choice for commercial cut flower zinnia production. Shop Hot Products Starting $15. They will start blooming in July, from transplant, here in Maine, which is earlier than many other cut flowers. Information from the research programs is included here as well as links to a variety of sites that will be useful to cut flower growers. North Carolina is proud to have a comprehensive cut flower program focusing on all aspects of the cut flower industry from new cultivar evaluations to greenhouse and field production to postharvest handling. Cactus-types have twisted, bent petals with rolled edges. Most look for flowers that are: These features are universally desirable in cut flowers because they increase the chances of success — whether you are just delving in or you are a seasoned grower whose plans demand plentiful no-fuss performers. Stem length and flower … These plants had dull purplish-red, daisy-like flowers with single petals surroundng a protruding cone. As soon as you cut the stem with sharp scissors or a knife, place the stem in the water. Benary's Giant Purple zinnia seeds produce giant dahlia-flowered zinnias is an excellent choice for both cut flower growers and garden centers who sell to gardeners wanting cuts. See more ideas about Garden, Zinnia garden, Flower garden. Zinnias are good cut flowers. Suitable for greenhouse, field and garden cut flower production… Space plants 4 to 24 inches apart depending on the variety. $1.99. 2020 Zinnia Coupons and Promo Code. Zinnias are short-day plants for flower-bud initiation, which means that they initiate vegetative growth when the days are long dark period 10 hours or less and flower development when the days are shorter. Zinnia Magellan Series Coral is a 2005 All-America Selections (AAS) Flower Winner for its “brilliant coral petals,” “consistent flower production,” and “earliness to bloom.” All-America Selections is an independent non-profit organization committed to award-winning flowers and vegetables. Taller varieties make good background plants in flowerbeds, while smaller varieties are suitable for container plantings. Sign up for growing tips, exclusive offers, and new product info. Another major advantage to sunflowers is that they lend themselves beautifully to succession planting, so you can achieve a season-long harvest. Size & Shape. Zinnias are annuals and will die with the first hard frost of fall. With this selection, the necks are strong. In addition, they are excellent for pollinator plantings and are especially attractive to butterflies. Zinnias are great additions to butterfly gardens and many varieties make excellent cut flowers. Zinnia Flower Seeds 10; Zinnia Plantlings 1; Rating ★★★★★ 3 ★★★★★ 0 ★★★★★ 0 ★★★★★ 0 ★★★★★ 1; No reviews 8; Zinnia Seeds, Giant Cactus Flowered Mixed Colors SKU: 6740. This signals the plant to send up multiple stems from below where the cut was made, resulting in more abundant flower production as well as longer stem length. Zinnia cultivars commonly used for outdoor cut flower production. In addition, they are excellent for pollinator plantings and are especially attractive to butterflies.