Fuck Juicy, Fuck Janka-Man!!!


I want to tell a very interesting story about my “friends.” Their names are Juicy and Janka-Man! This is my response to the nonsense they wrote me.

Only one who posts fake flacs is DJ Namaximum on his blog. He takes all our flacs, then burns to CD-RW and rips them, spreading them away as his. This joker even rerips WEB releases from his CD-RW’s to be able to add .cue and .log files.

BULLSHIT!!! Really? Your flac rips? Reposting in your blog from other resources (what.cd, waffles, rutracker, bandcamp and etc.)!


He even admitted doing this several times at his cbox but now he denies these actions because he finally understood how stupid all this reconverting looks.

What I admitted? I do not deny it. You yourself have decided it. It is unreasonable arguments.

Let’s move to another point – GUYS manners and schizophrenia issues.

Janka-Man, are you a doctor that makes the diagnosis?

Last winter I (Janka-man) found out that guy has been reposting my rips. Let’s say that for every 500 rips I posted, this guy took 495 and reposted… Without any courtesy and thanks.

I see no need to say “thank you”. You were not requested. You told me how can I do post on your rips. And you never wrote the word “please.”

Maybe this guy had got hard childhood and problems that come with it… Also those problems get supplemented by his contemporary status. Living in Donbass and being a part of pro-Russian Donetsk Separatist Republic and supporting these guys to spill some blood on Ukrainians and to rebel. That’s never easy. Maybe we are judging this guy too hard. He just thinks differently. With such an abuse and violence around him it’s always too hard to greet somebody or to say kind words and even thank somebody.

What do you know about me? About my childhood, where I live, financial condition and what is happening in my country?
It is better to tell me how you’re doing your rips. How do you edit the log files after rip disc. Tell it to your blog users.

To Juicy, and you tell all you guys threw in his blog. They gave you their rips, and you threw them when smelled money on filehosting. Juicy – fagot!!!

All our rips are from CDs, Vinyls and Digital Stores (Bandcamp, etc.).

Mathematik – No Division (2005) posted on 1994fuckfuck.


I checked all files Audiochecker and get results:


Then he checked the spectral analysis files:

spectrum 1

spectrum 2

Oh shit!!! There is not FLAC!!! This is upconverted or transcode! Why make the posts of a material of low quality?

A small list upconverted and trancodes on Juicy’s blog:

Black Lotus – Lotus Notes 1997-1999 (2005)
MF DOOM & Mos Def – Def vs Doom (2006)
Skyzoo & Torae – Barrel Brothers (2014)
Ultramagnetic Foundation – Ultra Laboratory Stories (2010)
Wale – More About Nothing (2010)
Wale & 9th Wonder – Back To The Feature (2009)
Warcloud – Nightmares That Surface From Shallow Sleep (2006) and more…
You can check for yourself!!!

And now about me! All rips on my site – it is 100% high quality! All rips checked me. All transcode and upconverted removed and don’t posting on site.
Guru – The Best of Guru’s Jazzmatazz (2008) ripped from my CD (CD-RW rip):


This is log file from rip with my CD-rom and PC folder for rip:


Second log file ripped today:


Spectrums and audiochecker:

audiocheckerspectrum 1spectrum 2

This is CD rip!!! You look after yourself and your actions. With yourself to dump your sins do not! (Sorry, my English is bad).
This my “CD-RW” collection. Some photos only:


Juicy and Janka suck my dick!!!

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