An audit can help your data center or business identify ways to save money and become more efficient. EPI Data Centre Training Framework is the most followed framework providing vendor neutral certification courses on data centre design, build, infrastructure, facility operations management & … The Data Governance Institute defines data governance as "a system of decision rights and accountabilities for information-related processes, executed according to agreed-upon models which describe who can take what actions with what inform… “The audit program must seek to … The data center audit will be geared towards identifying all the gaps and non-compliant components, which are required for commissioning a smooth, efficient, safe, secure and highly available data center before the data center … Data Centre Compliance Review services. CTS maintains a comprehensive security program management that provides policy management, compliance management, continuity services, and auditing services as well as security operations. A Data Center is basically a building or a dedicated space which hosts all critical systems or Information Technology infrastructure of an organization. Running and managing data centers requires many different types of audits. The demand for a data centre to run at its optimum capability in both an effective and efficient manner is an essential requirement for a business. Biometrics or other forms of access control 4. In addition to specific regulatory regimes for particular industry verticals, like PCI for the payments industry and HIPAA for health care, there are general-purpose frameworks. Data Quality Audit Tool 9 C. ConCepTuAl FrAmework The conceptual framework for the DQA and RDQA is illustrated in the Figure 1 (below). We prefer not to send to gmail email addresses so would appreciate it if you could supply an alternative to gmail. According to weekly data breach headlines at least, data security is difficult. Following this program, you are encouraged to continue your professional development by advancing your knowledge and skills to gain further official certifications and qualifications by progressing through The Global Digital Infrastructure Education Framework which maps education programs to career advancement throughout the network infrastructure and data centre sectors. Data Center Compliance. There are a number of group and individual case studies throughout this program. Audits on quality control, security procedures, energy efficiency and more should be performed at least annually. In this article we share our experiences of implementing the Framework and report back on the kind of data … 2.5 Provide example of patch panel nomenclature (how ports are named)? Follow a Framework Several organizations offer cybersecurity frameworks that can help data centers establish a solid base for their cybersecurity planning. No other audit … This five-day program provides data centre professionals with the skills, knowledge and competency to create a strategic plan and undertake a comprehensive audit of data centre environments. Tel UK: +44 (0)1284 767100 Tel U.S.: +1 302-526-1977, Receive our latest news straight to your inbox, CNet Training Ltd, formerly CableNet Training Services Ltd, is a member of the Academia Group. This includes the physical infrastructure (IT, power and cooling), building facilities, asset management, documentation, processes and procedures. Process, Procedures and Working Practices Audit. SOC 2, SSAE 16 and Data Center Compliance. Specialized Data Center Audit and Report Cheat Sheets for Unique Industries and Their Unique Set of Standards With a general idea of what data center audits and reports are and require, … Õ×O¼ÖÎq•°ûêØÔÚ“× ð@XÕGUpû°}é~îé#‹©‚Ú:¡ØìݗgNQ•1ÿjðÜ+êLtE2-Q. INTERNAL AUDIT PROGRAM DATA CENTER REVIEW DataCenterTalk provides free Resources/Tools for Data Center Professionals. Analyse audit data to verify and baseline the status of the data centre and create an action plan to reduce risk and improve the operational capability to support business continuity. They are not required to be very sophisticated. More than half of organizations, however, lack a formal data governance framework and a dedicated budget. If you would like to discuss your experience or suitability for this program please contact us. Program Overview Plan and implement a strategic data centre audit process. A tier 1 data center can be little more than a powered warehouse. A HIPAA audit conducted by an independent auditor against the OCR HIPAA Audit Protocol can provide a documented report to prove a data center operator has the proper policies and procedures in place to provide HIPAA hosting solutions. It will revolve around things like: 1. Video surveillance 5. Multiple data center sites Requires employees to obtain and maintain industry certifications Customer base includes multiple Fortune 500 operations Data Center Certifications / Audits / Controls SSAE 16, SOC I Type II audited - audit reports provided Data Center Location Data center … Fire suppression systems 2. Reasons for an audit Benefits Nature and scope On-site inspection More than a checklist Result and conclusion Nature and scope: An independent third party analysis, neutral and vendor independent, carried out by trained and experiences data center … Gain an understanding of the importance of acquiring detailed and accurate information concerning the operational capability of the data centre facilities. Experience of working within a data centre environment is essential; preferably with two years experience in a technical IT or facilities role. a) Executive summary The Data Audit Framework Development (DAFD) project was conceived in direct response to recommendations made by Liz Lyon in the seminal JISC-commissioned report Dealing with Data: ‘a framework must be conceived to enable all universities and colleges to carry out an audit of departmental data collections, awareness, policies and practice for data … Thankfully, there are many data center compliance standards within the data center industry. The service organization (data center) defines internal controls against which audits are performed. The number of security attacks, including those affecting Data Centers are increasing day by day. Audit of the SEC’s Management of Its Data Centers, Report No. The Datacentre Compliance Review (DCR) is a thorough review of your data center in line with industry standards such as SS507, TIA-942, IEC-61000-4-8 … The Global Leader in Technical Education for the Digital Infrastructure Industry, The Global Digital Infrastructure Education Framework, Data Centre Fundamentals – Instructor-led, Certified Data Centre Technician Professional (CDCTP®), Certified Data Centre Design Professional (CDCDP®), Certified Data Centre Management Professional (CDCMP®), Certified Data Centre Energy Professional (CDCEP®), Certified Data Centre Audit Professional (CDCAP®), Certified Data Centre Sustainability Professional (CDCSP®), Masters Degree in Data Centre Leadership and Management, Certified Telecommunications Project Management (CTPM®) – Distance Learning, Certified Telecommunications Project Management (CTPM®) – Instructor-led, Data Center Energy Practitioner (DCEP) – Generalist, Data Center Energy Practitioner (DCEP) – Specialist, Certified Network Cable Installer (CNCI®), Network Cable Installer (NCI®) Apprenticeship, Certified Network Infrastructure Technician (CNIT®), Certified Integrated Infrastructure Technician (CIIT®), Certified Wireless Infrastructure Technician (CWIT®), Certified Outside Plant Technician (COPT®), Certified Network Infrastructure Design Professional (CNIDP®), Classroom-based Learning – Safety Measures, Certifications, Qualifications, Accreditation, Deko – Interest Free Credit for UK Residents, Digital Infrastructure Education Advice Service, Technical Curriculum Advisory Board (TCAB), Interest Free Payment Options Available for UK Residents, Masters in Data Centre Leadership and Management, Certified Data Centre Sustainability Professional (CDCSP, Appreciate why audits are an essential business requirement, Understand the importance of defining the current business needs, Appreciate the need to define what the business actually has, Understand the business (C Level) against operational perceptions, Ascertain whether the business understands their tier rating and that it actually meets the business need, Understand the impact of business Service Level Agreements (SLAs), Understand the business direction and the importance of identifying the key stakeholders, Understand the interaction between the key stakeholders and the operational Data Centre departments, Appreciate the factors to be considered when formulating the audit scope, Appreciate applicable supporting standards, regulations and industry best practices, Appreciate the need to understand the present capability against the business perception, Appreciate the business expectations with the need for a continuous commissioning process, Be able to define the framework of the audit process, Understand the need to undertake an audit risk analysis process, Be able to identify the audit lead and team requirements, Appreciate the need to undertake documentation review, Appreciate the impact of Regulatory requirements and Service Level Agreements (SLAs), Appreciate the operational and environmental structures within the data centre structure, Understand the key audit areas, the audit expectations and implementation of test sequences, Appreciate the need to evaluate the audit findings against the operational requirements of the business, Identify the gaps in the operational capability, Understand the need to evaluate policies, processes and procedures against business expectations, Appreciate the need for operational documentation accuracy, Appreciate the assessment of equipment against lifecycle costs, ROI and TCO, Identification of business risks, operational weaknesses and areas of inefficiency, Understand the need to determine how the site measures up against the recognised industry best practices that are considered to be appropriate by the auditor, Understand how to assess the recommendations and formulate the supporting action plan, Appreciate the importance of establishing an accurate baseline, Appreciate the importance of establishing a structured measuring and monitoring strategy, Appreciate the appropriate use of metrics, Appreciate the need to re-evaluate the action plan, Appreciate the actions to align the Data Centre assets following the audit process, Appreciate the need to review and align skill-sets, Appreciate industry guidance and accreditations, Understand the importance of the business and key stakeholder demands, Understand the need for an effective audit structure, Understand the need to have an effective communication plan, Understand the need to identify areas of concern and potential improvements, Understand the electrical systems audit process, Understand the importance of power quality, Understand the data centre electrical distribution system, Understand electrical safety requirements in a data centre, Understand the data centre mechanical systems audit process, Understand what systems to audit are included in a data centre mechanical systems audit, Appreciate the value of data centre cooling metrics, Understand the importance of the chilled water cooling circuit, Understand the methods to conduct a cooling capacity check, Understand the importance of air management in a data centre, Understand the benefits of performing a Computational Fluid Dynamic (CFD), Understand the different areas of an IT audit, Understand the audit demands of the computer, storage and network environments, Understand the supporting infrastructures that require to be audited, Understand the focus, segments and scope required to spell out security audit requirements, Understand the training, certifications and experience of potential security auditors or know where to look for guidance, Understand how to distribute and archive the security audit, Understand the need to review the Building, Automation Systems (BAS) and site maintenance, Understand the key areas of measuring and monitoring, Understand the implementation of the fire containment plan and emergency requirements, Understand what support services are in place, Appreciate the importance of asset management, Understand the need to develop an effective asset management strategy, Understand the asset management control options, Understand the impacts of MACs and decommissioning, Appreciate the structure of data centre policies, processes and procedures, Appreciate the need to review the policies, processes and procedures, Evaluate whether they are fit for purpose and actions to escalate non-compliance issues, Appreciate the industry guidance to improve the effectiveness of the processes and procedures, Appreciate the implementation of appropriate review cycles, Understand the need to incorporate documentation into the audit process, Understand the need for structured and accurate documentation, Understand external and internal compliance documentation, Understand how key operational structures are documented, Understand whether the documentation is ultimately ‘fit for purpose’, Understand the need to effectively collate the audit data, Understand the need to implement an effective action plan incorporating all interested parties, Understand the need to have a structured approach to ensure a continual audit capability is implemented, Internationally and industry recognised BTEC Level 5 Professional Certificate Certified Data Centre Audit Professional, Official Certified Data Centre Audit Professional (CDCAP.
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