We are your source for mining claims on Rich Hill, Stanton, Congress, and the Wickenburg area, home to the famous Vulture Mine. When gold was valued at around $21 per ounce, the value per yard ranged from 71 cents to around two dollars with a high of $20 per yard, which is equivalent to about one ounce per yard. Eve Lode #22. Footprint Research DVD on Greaterville District, AZ - Gold Mining Claims. LandWatch has 21 land listings for sale in Quartzsite, AZ. Lease, Option, & Joint Venture Available. 20 Lode Mining and One Mil …, 650 Claims Available. I’ve been there and it is a lot of fun looking at all the different materials there are for sale literally sourced from around the world. 79 UNPATENTED MINING CL Production from the Plomosa district was at least 18,000 ounces gold. BANKRUPTCY COURT DIRECTS IMMEDIATE SALE! Photo 6 shows an outcrop of quartz vein similar to exposures which host gold mines in the region. 2.21 Miles square is the siz …. GOLD MINING CLAIMS near Quartzsite Arizona. Annual Maintenance Fee has increased from $155 to $165 per year in 2019. At least 18,000 ounces of gold was produced from the early small-scale placer operations at Plomosa. Get price New claims located in the Florence Basin. Free Gold-B Lode Claim AMC 405536 The Free Gold Claims consist of a 40 acre placer and two 18 acre lodes that overlap most of the placer. This 970 AC Land is for sale on LoopNet.com. Arizona Gold, Silver, Copper, Gemstones. Land for sale in Quartzsite for 5000.0. UNPATENTED GOLD MINING CLAIMS AUCTION - Cholla/Dome Road, Quartzsite, AZ. View 52 homes for sale in Quartzsite, AZ at a median listing price of $132,000. Mountains, and these drainages obtain alluvial material from the Plomosa Mining District. Rich Hill is the historic site of the 1863 gold rush where prospectors found potato size nuggets and could pick up off the ground as much as 25 pounds of gold a week(300/oz)! Texas Claim Block on Little Grizzly Creek - Pending November 25. Surprise, AZ. Quality Arizona Gold Claims For Sale! Similar size placer projects in this district have recently sold for 12M-15M and are hard to come by. The gold deposits are also very widespread. The northern half of the Plomosa Mountains is predominantly composed of Mesozoic sandstone, shale, conglomerate, and limestone. Arizona Claims. ESep6. GOLD DEPOSITS NEAR QUARTZSITE, ARIZ. 47 only 4.27 inches, and the mean annual temperature for a period of 12 years is 70.9° Fahrenheit. Please call for claims not yet listed on our website! Gold Mines for Sale Registered Arizona Mining Claims Tested Mineral Rich Land. Please call for claims not yet listed on our website! The property contains underlying gold placer gravels located within washes that drain the Plomosa 34 State of Alaska, 40 acre claims for sale on 2 adjacent streams on the American River north of Nome. 2,0 …, Previously Producing Patented Gold Mine for Sale in the USA. A one of a kind, turnkey, legendary mine in the Manley Hot Springs Recording District. Mining claims for sale, Gold mines for sale! Plomosa Wash, La Paz County. We offer gold mining claims in Arizona for sale. Budd Creek, Windy Creek, Million Creek, Gold Run Creek group North of Nome, Alaska. Bring your diamond ri … Proven Placer claim priced to sell. The schist exposures in the Plomosa Mountains contain gold-bearing quartz veins and stringers, and probably were a significant source of the placer gold deposits. gold mining claims for sale az laspalmasinnmission . This is proof our Arizona claims still have great gold. In southern Arizona, a "belt" of Precambrian "metamorphic core complex" ranges forms a sort of transition zone between the younger, predominantly volcanic desert mountains of the south and the folded and faulted highlands of central Arizona. The first and most important rule to follow when hunting gold is to go where gold has been found before. Arizona Geological Survey Open-File Report 85-12 “Ore Grades for Metallic Mineral Districts of Arizona” provides list of the average grades of mines in the Southern Plomosa District of La Paz County. Most people know that Quartzsite has one of the biggest rock and mineral shows in the country at this time. Nevada Placer Claims. 640 acres of Bureau of Land Management placer claims located 6 miles SE of Quartzsite Arizona. Approximately 9 miles of stream placer. US-Mining provides information on mines, operators, and minerals mined in Quartzsite, AZ This is one of the top 3 locations in the world to find large nuggets. California Claims. (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. Additionally, some pits were sunk into the placer gravels 5 to 50 feet or more, often encountering cemented gravel (often called caliche) with a much richer gold content. The claims are located on the northwestern slopes of the Harquahala Mountains about 5 miles from highway 60 and … Thanks for viewing this listing. Area has been actively mined for 120 years. Gold mining claims and gold mines for sale can be found throughout most of the US west, including California, Colorado, Nevada, and Montana. This unpatented mining claim is set near several abandoned gold mines the beautiful area of Prescott AZ near Pine Flat. Claim Staking. Footprint Research & DVD on Quartzsite District, AZ - Gold Mining Claims . ; Flying Dutchman & Ect. This is a legally registered 20 acre gold mining claim for sale. Total one time full payment price of $2000: no other fees nor costs. I am a retired teacher, and got into prospecting as a hobby with my family. United States Geological Survey (USGS) Bulletin 135 “Placer Gold Deposits of Arizona” indicates gold-bearing placer gravels extend for up to four miles along the western edge of the Plomosa Mountains and production was large in the 1860’s. Casino Royale #1 & #2 -180 acres: SOLD. OREGON GOLD MINING CLAIMS. Scribner creek has easy access, proven gold, and is well suited for mining. View this lot for sale by owner with 10 acres by Parker in La Paz County, Arizona 85344. Complete List of Claims, Mineral Properties, Deposits & Mining Projects For Sale in Arizona . During 1934 to 1949, production from the district was valued at $176,042 from small dry-placer mining operations that typically only excavated to a depth of about 15 feet. An Overview of Gold Mining in Arizona. The weather around California gold claims for sale may arguably be most suitable for … The Plomosa Placer Property is located within the Basin and Range Province, which comprises the southern third of the state of Arizona. Search for "Rob's Detector Sales" online or visit our new Ebay Store. $71.96. Free shipping . Arizona is one of the most popular state in the US for gold prospecting. Rich Hill is the historic site of the 1863 gold rush where prospectors found potato size nuggets and could pick up off the ground as much as 25 pounds of gold a week(300/oz)! LOTFLIP #35082 Annual Maintenance Fee has increased from $155 to $165 per year in 2019. Give us a call if you would like to purchase a claim, schedule an appointment to view a claim, or if you have any questions! These occurrences are geologically important because they are the host rocks of numerous prolific vein controlled gold mines in Arizona. 160 acre Quartzsite Arizona unpatented placer mining claims claim gold mine land. Payment Plan - No Interest or fees. It's not quite like that now, but every day we go out we get good gold. Blackbeard on Hayfork Creek - Pending November 21. Remaining claims have ha …, Scribner creek has easy access, proven gold, and is well suited for mining. Everything—Equipment, approved POO with USFS, campsite. The placer sand and gravel deposits extend for miles west of the Plomosa Mountains (Photos 9 and 10), and the Plomosa property overlies the drainages and washes that receive material derived from weathering of the Plomosas. Own Your Own Gold Claim Quality. The summer is intensely hot, and work in the open is then almost impossible, but the winter is delightful. $1.6 Billion Estimated & Infe …, High quality ground in Yukon, on Indian River, from one of the largest mining companies in …, The area is rich in gold mining history, beginning in 1910. 85346, Quartzsite, La Paz County, AZ. Hansen Gold Claims Near Nome - Added 2/26/20. 6 Gold Claims For Sale on Scribner Creek. Information, Maps, Pictures. Arizona Bureau of Geology and Mineral Technology Bulletin 192 “Index of Mining Properties in Yuma County, Arizona” states production from the La Paz placers west of the Plomosa property produced over 50,000 ounces gold from small-scale operations in the two year period from 1862 to 1864. Slightly younger Cretaceous to early-Tertiary sediments crop out along the northernmost point of the range, and small outcrops of ancient Precambrian gneiss also occur in the area. Contract will precede payment. Arizona Geological Survey Bulletin 168 “Gold Placers and Placering in Arizona” states the coarse gold content per cubic yard in the Plomosa District averaged from ten cents to several dollars when gold was valued at $21 per ounce. 54 Homes For Sale in Quartzsite, AZ. View our list of the gold mining claims we have for sale here in Arizona. HAPPY PROSPECTING!™ Quartzsite is a town in La Paz, County Arizona, located about 125 miles west of Phoenix on I-10. Arizona Placer Claims. Lode Claims. Arizona 20 or 40 acre Gold Mining Claim Superstition Mountains. Mining Equipment. Plomosa Mining District, Quartzsite Arizona. 10 Acre Arizona Gold Mining Claim. We accept cash, checks, and credit cards. Contact Marie Leu to learn more about this lot. Gold-rich Fuguita Wash, Pima County, Arizona. There are 6 cl … Featured Gold Canada, Yukon Yukon Indian River Gold Placer Claims 70 High Quality Gold Placer Claims for Sale. These pictures of gold come from mines clients have bought from us and sites we have mined. If you continue to use this site we will assume that you are happy with it. People are always looking for interesting things to do. We are available 7 days a week from 8am-7pm MST | Worldwide GMT -7. For over 12 years it has been our mission to work with people and companies to find the best gold mining claim and mine sites that suits their needs, from the prospector to the commercial miner. See pricing and listing details of Quartzsite real estate for sale. Quartzsite, Arizona Overview. GOLD AMBITIONS 20 Acre Placer Gold Mining Claim For Sale on Rich Hill in Stanton, Arizona. There is a guy who has been working a hole in the same spot for 7 years, to the south of this claim. We are your source for mining claims on Rich Hill, Stanton, Congress, and the Wickenburg area, home to the famous Vulture Mine. You can also find gold mine claims in Alaska. The claim covers the historical Widow mine, an historical gold and silver mine(s) located in the Windypah District in Esmeralda County, Nevada. Visit our friends at minefindergold.com for more information on purchasing your next Arizona gold claim. The region is characterized by linear mountain ranges separated by downthrown, alluvium-filled basins. Email: AMC@ArizonaMiningClaims.com 928-427-4653, GOLD PROSPECTING CLASS WITH THE PURCHASE OF A MINING CLAIM, Rich Hill, Stanton & Congress Mining Claims. Ability to produce 1,000 ounces Au in first year on existing Domi …, Located in the Historic Palmer Goldfields a unique opportunity to secure one of the larges …, Forty three claims with 2-mile lease .Multiple contact zones, proven .Fine gold, mostly 12 …, 356 Gold Mine Acres for Sale, Easy Access, great potential, warm climate, mined 8 troy oz …, The potential output of the Grandview mine is truly astounding. The alluvial placer gravels on the property consist of schist, granite, and volcanic rocks derived from the Plomosa Mountains to the east. Supersition, Bradshaw, Belmont, Harquahala, Lode, Placer, Mineral Rich Land, Gold Mine Sales. We believe buying a claim should be more than just a transaction, but a way to build relationships with our clients and ensure they have the best experience every step of the way. Browse photos, see new properties, get open house info, and research neighborhoods on Trulia. The Delos Toole’s book “Where to Find Arizona Placer Gold” indicates that since 1862 over two million ounces of gold has been produced from the La Posa Plain just west of the Plomosa property. As discussed above, historic gold mines are located up-drainage from the property. Browse our Quartzsite, AZ land for sale listings, view photos and contact an agent today! Photos 7 and 8 show drainages exposing thick abundant deposits of placer sand and gravel derived from the Plomosa Mountains. There are 6 cl …, Mine is located 11 kilometers from newly developed Victoria Golds hard rock mine.The creek …, Located in Yukon, Canada. The WP1 claim consists of one (1) unpatented lode mining claim, covering 20.66 acres, on federal land managed by the U.S. Bureau of Land Management. This is a very fine gold property with great access to a rich gulch located on the claim. Alaska Placer Gold Mine – Active and Ready to Go, Palmer Goldfields Operational Project AU$3.5million (excl GST). Lode and Placer, Recreational and Commercial. The Plomosas form the eastern wall of the La Posa Plain for nearly its entire length. According to Census Bureau estimates the population of the town was 3397 in 2006.Interstate 10 runs directly through Quartzsite which is at the intersection of U.S. Route 95 and Arizona State Route 95 with I-10. There are several abandoned gold mines in this area that produced large quantities of gold along with several surface/placer deposits that can still be worked all over the property. Email the owner of this ad Quartzsite is a town in La Paz County Arizona. Anvil Creek claims consist of …, Located in the heart of Pennsylvania’s productive bluestone region, The emerald mine held by the company is rich in reserves and the product quality is very g …, Ready-to-go immediately. Mining Claim Details. With a population of just a few thousand people, Quartzsite really comes alive during the winter in January and February when thousands of rock, gem, fossil, and gold collectors converge on the small town for a series of mineral shows. The Plomosa Mountains rise up just west of the Bouse Hills to the north and extend for tens of miles southward. Filter 16,168 mining claims by commodity, decade, disposition, and type in Quartzsite, Arizona. They don't call it Rich Hill for nothing. Prospecting around Quartzsite Don't hesitate to give us a call at 928-499-7228 if you have questions about a claim … Interested in prospecting for Gold in Quartzsite, Arizona? Zillow has 50 homes for sale in Quartzsite AZ. Learn about some of this amazing history presented by Steve Hunt the owner of the Gold Eye Claim. Arizona Mining Claims For Sale. Gold Mining Claims - Quartzsite AZ - 255 N Central Blvd, Quartzsite, AZ. Mining Claims for sale. Changed Featured Claims, Serpent's Tail November 20.; The Raven claim, North Fork Feather River - SOLD September 23; Buckeye claim, Buckeye Creek - SOLD September 23; New claim Blackbeard on Hayfork Creek in Trinity County! This gold content is equivalent to approximately .120 ounces per yard at the upper end. THE LAWMEN CLAIM GROUP!! Land gold claim arizona Trovit. Some of this gold originated from the Plomosa Mountains, which host the property. The gold in this area is mostly fine, but I know of one quarter-ounce nugget found lying on the top of the ground in plain sight, and my neighbor has a hand-full of small nuggets that he has metal detected right above (west) of this claim. The Plomosa Placer Property consists of (4) 160 acre unpatented placer mining claims located on Bureau of Land Management (BLM)in the historic Plomosa Mining District. Quartzsite, AZ Gold mines, mine companies, mine owners and mine information. Quartzsite, Arizona includes 16,169 nearby mines. 20 acres. $71.95. The average gold grade was .295 ounces per ton, and the average silver grade was 7.487 ounces per ton. Recent Updates. For Sale—6 unpatented placer claims located Elk Creek near Baker City. on … We can find gold on this claim right now. View listing photos, review sales history, and use our detailed real estate filters to find the perfect place. Details—Call DON (509)860-1145, or send email. With the exception of a few counties, generally there are good amounts of gold throughout the entire state. This Land is for sale on LoopNet.com.
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