xH 2 O. 1 mole of Fe = 56 g 1 mole of S. = 32 g 1 mole of O. First, it is necessary to have the molar mass of FeSO4 • 7H2O and molar mass of compound without water FeSO4. These compounds exist most commonly as the heptahydrate (x = 7) but are known for several values of x.The hydrated form is used medically to treat iron deficiency, and also for industrial applications. Look at the below formulae below and try again. Answers: 3 Get. What is the molar mass of this hydrate? Molar Mass: 278.02 g/mol CAS #: 7782-63-0 Hill Formula: FeO₄S * 7H₂O EC Number: 231-753-5 Chemical Formula: FeSO₄ * 7H₂O Grade: ACS,ISO,Reag. You need the mass of FeSo4•7H2O. Consider the hydrate FeSO4•7H2O what is the molar mass of this hydrate? xH2O which was subsequently ignited to produce 0.300 g of Fe2O3. a. Ph Eur Ph Eur 103965 Consider the hydrate FeSO4 • 7H2O. This problem is to apply Roult’s Law. Cobalt(II) Sulfate Heptahydrate CoSO4.7H2O Molar Mass, Molecular Weight You don't need a balanced equation. Massa molar of FeSO4*7H2O Massa Molar, Peso Molecular e … = 16 g 1 mole of. H. = 1 g 1 MOLE OF FeSO4.7H2O = Fe+S+4*O+ 7*2*H +7*O = 56 + 32+ (4*16) + (7*2*1)+(7*16) =56+32+64+14+112 =278g One mole of FeSO4.7H2O has 278g molecular wt. g/mol What is the molar mass of water in the hydrate? DON'T look for the equation. g/mol What is the molar mass of the anhydrous salt FeSO4? • = • = Other questions on the subject: Chemistry. g/mol. Molar mass calculator computes molar mass, molecular weight and elemental composition of any given compound. b. Calculations: Formula: FeSO4.7h2o Molar Mass: 277.9996 g/mol 1g=3.59712747788126E-03 mol Percent composition (by mass): Element Count Atom Mass %(by mass) What isthe percent by mass of water in iron (II) sulfate heptahydrate, FeSO4 • 7H2O (or what percent of the molar mass of FeSO4 •7H2O is due to the waters of crystallization)? It's not necessary. What mass due to waters of crystallization is present in a 3.38‐ g sample of FeSO 4 •7H2 O?
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