The implant crown should not be tight up against the adjacent tooth. The healing cap covers the top of the implant during the gum healing stage, and when the attachment of the crown, i t is later removed during a crown placed on the implant.. However, in some cases an implant becomes loose or falls out. Specially if you have pain/ discoloration in the adjacent should see a dentist for examination and xray to diagnose the problem and rule out infection on implant /adjacent tooth… Dental implants are not only the best tooth replacement option, it’s the option most likely to preserve your other teeth. Adjacent tooth can become.slightly mobile during extraction especially when there is generalised periodontitis I.e., if the bone support is less. On April 11, 2016 I had a oral surgeon pull my tooth and he placed a implant on tooth #7. How long you should wait before an implant can be placed depends on the location of the extracted tooth and the integrity and quality of its supporting bone. If not consult your dentist again. It is important that it fit "like a real tooth" and be easy to floss in between on both sides. Loose implant. Loosening of a dental implant soon after placement is primarily due to surgical trauma, overheating of the osteotomy, complicated wound healing, insufficient primary stability and/or initial overload. Loosing a tooth is an emotionally difficult experience which makes its quick replacement a priority for most people. It should be back to normal after few days. Resubmitted: can someone loose a healthy adjacent tooth if a newly placed implant next to it does not take and implant needs removal? If the implant is not moving, Chances are the tooth / teeth next to the implant tooth shifted. Dr. Theodore Davantzis answered 39 years experience Dentistry In the first few weeks following DIS, the dental implant will be growing into and fusing with the jawbone. Radiographically, the loss of peri-implant crestal bone is associated with loose implants. But even so, you might lose a tooth next to your dental implant. Tightening a Loose Dental Implant Abutment. Definitely go back to your dentist and have him adjust it as soon as you can before the "real" tooth ends up sore or the gum becomes inflamed because of not being able to floss properly. This healing cap can get loose due to the healing process, causing gum irritation and soreness, which can be managed by refitting the healing cap after removing it and cleaning the top of the implant. I started wearing an essix retainer immediately afterwards with a fake tooth to cover up the missing tooth. This article will discuss what you can do take care of your implants and what to do if one comes loose. The fake tooth overtime seemed like it was to wide and I also noticed that the adjacent tooth #8 and tooth #6 started hurting around June 9, 2016. Dental implants have a high success rate, but some people experience dental implant failure. 888-330-3964 Implants are supported by (and attached to) an abutment, a titanium cylinder that connects the replacement tooth root to the crown. If that happens, there are some good restoration options that can give you an attractive and functional result. If your dental implant feels a little wobbly, the problem could be a loose abutment connection. Dental implants are designed to remain fixed in your mouth. 20801 Biscayne Boulevard, Suite 403 Aventura, FL 33180.