More than half of the final tally — 439 out of 856 responses — voted for “Exploding Whale Memorial Park,” Ms. Messmer said. Recently named the "Exploding Whale Memorial Park," the new park provides views of the Siuslaw River and Bridge as well as the iconic sand dunes on the South side of the river. Locals have been telling and re-telling that whale tale ever since — and now, there’s a park to honour the moment. Can you tell the difference between a blood-red and a garnet red? The new space is basically just a park on the sandy shore of Sislaw River, according to a description on the city’s website. It's a livelihood. Tainan City, Taiwan sales Welcome to Exploding Whale Memorial Park! This riverfront park provides access to the Siuslaw River in Historic Old Town Florence. There are no dead whales or sticks of dynamite on hand, although the park does have a smiling sperm whale mascot (whom you can’t blow up). designed to provide a means for us to earn fees by linking to and affiliated Having A Blast in Oregon’s “Exploding Whale Memorial Park” In November of 1970, a sperm whale washed up on the beach near Florence, Oregon. The residents of the town have voted for the park to be renamed after the incident in order to honour the whale that was washed ashore in 1970. …there is likely a… READ THE REST, It struck me, this morning, that I'd never introduced Boing Boing's largely American audience to the Cuprinol wood goblin, a mainstay of British television advertising for many years. No one saw it coming, Thousands of ‘penis fish’ exposed by major storm on California beach, Feral chickens invaded a town during COVID-19. But «Exploding Whale Memorial Park» won in a landslide, with 439 votes of the 856 submitted, according to the statement. Named after the famed and infamous incident in 1970, the park is actually a somewhat new park with an even newer name. Boing Boing is published under a Creative Commons Exploding Whale Memorial Park. It’s called Exploding Whale Memorial Park, because, of course it is. They tried 20 cases of dynamite, and it didn’t work. READ MORE: "Exploding Whale Memorial Park" in Florence, Oregon, is named for the explosive event of Nov. 12, 1970, when local officials blew up a beached and decomposing sperm whale measuring … There are picnic tables and a shelter and a multi-use path, but, sadly, no whale carcasses, exploded or otherwise. Nearly 50 years ago, a whale beached itself on the shores near Florence, Oregon. Officials had hoped to unveil the name at the city’s annual spring celebration, but the threat of the novel coronavirus blew those plans out of the water,  KATU reports. Named by residents to memorialize the notorious "exploding whale" incident that took place on the Oregon Coast in the 70s, this beautiful wayside park offers sandy beach … The residents of Florence, Oregon chose this name, and for good reason. So if you’re ever in Lane County and hunting to harpoon the perfect picnic paradise, check out a little piece of heaven named for the guts-and-gore nightmare of a rotten rainstorm. “I’m confident that it’ll work,” George Thornton, the engineer behind the effort, told Linnman at the time. While you can always count on a hot new next-gen gaming console to spark a frenzy, it's not often that those hot toy items are almost as coveted by adults as they are kids. The Exploding Whale Memorial Park was funded by two grants: The Land Water Conservation Fund awarded $43,762 and Oregon State Park’s Local Government Grant Program gave $87,525. “We asked the community for name suggestions, narrowed those 120-plus names down to nine, and had the community vote on them,” Megan Messmer, Florence’s city project manager, told the Oregonian newspaper. Locals gathered on the beach on Nov. 12 to watch the spectacle, which was captured in a now-infamous report by KATU reporter Paul Linnman. And, there's a lot more to it than being able to point out the differences between a royal blue and a sky blue. Service. oldtimers’ hockey team to Alberta linked to ‘dozens’ of COVID-19 cases, Boy, 5, fatally struck on Alabama highway after he was kicked out of car as punishment, U.S. election: Trump posts video digging into false claims against results, CSIS links Russia, China and Iran to COVID-19 misinformation, Coronavirus: Tam concerned about spread of misinformation when it comes to COVID-19 vaccine, A football field-sized asteroid just missed Earth. The city planned to unveil the name at its annual Rhody Days celebration – with this year’s theme of Blast from the Past – but the coronavirus closures “blew those plans out of the water.”. Feral chickens invaded a town during COVID-19. Read about what we do with the data we gather in our Privacy Policy. The residents have recently chosen to name a local recreational area “Exploding Whale Memorial Park.” On November 9, 1970, a 45-foot long, 8-ton whale, described variously as a gray or sperm whale, washed ashore at Florence on the central Oregon Coast. Get a roundup of the most important and intriguing national stories delivered to your inbox every weekday. Read the rules you agree to by using this website in our Terms Alas, they had hoped for a much larger celebration to coincide with the name unveiling, since this year marks the 50th anniversary of the famed event, but "2020 swept in and blew those plans out of … A football field-sized asteroid just missed Earth. Park amenities include a shelter with picnic tables and a nice grassy area to enjoy a picnic on a sunny day. Oregon honours wacky scheme with ‘Exploding Whale Memorial Park’. The practice of blowing up dead whales may be over, but the memory will live on through Linnman’s infamous report and — now — through the memorial park. For the 50th anniversary of the event, KATU pulled the original 16mm footage from the archives and released a remastered edition of the news report in 4K definition. Pattering sounds can be heard a few seconds later, and chunks of blubber can be seen falling from the sky. Exploding Whale Memorial Park. Our forum rules are detailed in the Community Guidelines. We are a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising When you give thanks today, remember to give thanks to me for… READ THE REST, This driver was so close to parking their car on a sloped driveway, but snatched defeat from the jaws of victory. Exploding Whale Memorial Park is nestled on the banks of the Siuslaw River, and has a nice walking path and put-in access for canoes and kayaks. “The only thing is, we’re not sure just exactly how much explosives it’ll take to disintegrate this thing.”. And so, this past weekend, the city of Florence officially announced that the previously-dubbed Siuslaw River Beach Access Park would forevermore be known as the Exploding Whale Memorial Park. Though the … Now, the coastal city has opened the Exploding Whale Memorial Park to commemorate the incident. Most cities bury dead whales when they wash up, in part because of what happened in Florence. Another dead whale washed up on its shores last April, and officials did the simple thing and buried it — much to the chagrin of some locals eager for a repeat performance. Florence, Ore., has unveiled a new public space to commemorate its most unusual claim to fame. A park in the coastal town of Oregon has been named after the exploding whale incident that took place around 50 years ago. program The dead mink are now reportedly rising from their graves, horrifying locals and generating what USA Today describes as "a national frenzy." "For the last hour, my right leg has been soaking in a well-known wood preserver." The new park is … It was the people of Florence who picked the name Exploding Whale Memorial Park. In 1970, the dead, decaying sperm whale that washed up near Florence posed a serious health hazard. New Zealanders want it back, “Oregon park rangers decided to bury a perfectly dead whale instead of blowing it up,” read the tongue-in-cheek headline in the Williamette Week, a long-running alternative newspaper in Oregon. Thousands of ‘penis fish’ exposed by major storm on California beach. In 1970, a deceased 45 foot, eight ton whale washed ashore near Florence. In an effort to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the day it rained whale, the town of Florence decided to name its newest park Exploding Whale Memorial Park. The Oregon Department of Transportation used 20 cases of dynamite to blow it up. An outdoor recreation site along the Siuslaw River is now named Exploding Whale Memorial Park. of In 2020, residents of Florence voted to name a new recreational area "Exploding Whale Memorial Park" in honor of the incident. ‘Exploding Whale’ Park Memorializes Blubber Blast 50 Years Later Residents of a coastal Oregon city voted to name a park for a 1970 explosion that rained chunks of rotting whale flesh … 26 Jun 2020, 13:07 A beauty spot in Oregon has been named "Exploding Whale Memorial Park" after the infamous exploding whale incident of 1970, nearly 50 years ago. In fact, the event became the city’s claim to fame, and Florence in June christened a riverfront park “Exploding Whale Memorial Park” to mark the 50th anniversary. The report also shows a car that was partially crushed by a piece of the falling whale carcass. Now, with our lives filled with gadgets and tech, we're all swimming in cables, connectors, plugins, and more to make… READ THE REST, From artists to serious design pros, color isn't just about fun. There's a reason that CNET called the Robosen T9 Programmable Robot… READ THE REST. sites. Florence, near where the whale — or as a KATU reporter referred to it at the time "a stinking whale of a problem" — washed up, is finally honoring this beautiful moment in history with a new park. State highway officials ultimately decided to dispose of the whale by blowing it up with a half-ton of dynamite. As one might imagine, the decaying carcass of an 8-ton sea creature posed a serious health hazard to beachgoers. © 2020 Global News, a division of Corus Entertainment Inc. A whale is blown up with dynamite on the beach near Florence, Ore., on Nov. 12, 1970. Footage captured by Linnman and his cameraman, Doug Brazil, shows the whale exploding in spectacular fashion. The city of Florence needed a name for its park. READ THE REST, Back in the days before schools, airlines, and law enforcement considered them weapons, most people used to carry around a Swiss Army knife, or another such multi-tool, for handling all those daily problems and fixes. Fast-forward to last Saturday, when a dedication ceremony christened Florence’s new Exploding Whale Memorial Park, a grassy good-time getaway along the Siuslaw River. Exploding Whale Memorial Park. and affiliate links. Last year, Florence residents voted from among nine options to name a new park on the Siuslaw River as Exploding Whale Memorial Park. Folks in Oregon stuffed dynamite in a dead sperm whale and blew it up 50 years ago. The story is legendary. “It might be concluded that should a whale ever wash ashore in lane county again, those in charge will not only remember what to do — they’ll certainly remember what not to do,” Linnman said. license except where otherwise noted. “Huge chunks of whale blubber fell everywhere,” he said. The park is the latest example of what the public can come up with when invited to choose the name for sites or vessels. “Do we really want to live in a state that won’t explode giant animal carcasses when given the chance?”. Who will be eaten first? "We asked the community for name suggestions, narrowed those 120-plus names down to nine, and had the community vote on them," said Florence city project manager Megan Messmer. FLORENCE, Ore. – Welcome to the newest park on the Oregon coast – Exploding Whale Memorial Park! Florence, Ore., has unveiled a new public space to … “The hope was the long-dead Pacific grey whale would be almost disintegrated by the blast, and that many small pieces still around after the explosion would be taken care of by seagulls and other scavengers,” Linnman said in the report. Please read our Commenting Policy first. according to the City of Florence's website, The WonderCube Pro is only 1 inch across, but may be your new mobile EDC go-to, The Nix Pro 2 Color Sensor instantly IDs any color on any surface, anywhere, The Robosen T9 is the transforming robot toy to top all robot toys in 2021. Other ideas were “Bridge View Park” and “Siuslaw River View Park” for nearby landmarks. 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The event has been local lore for years so this year, in honor of the 50th anniversary of the event, the city named a park “Exploding Whale Memorial Park.” You can see the news report on You Tube by looking for “exploding whale Oregon.” -0-Here’s a joke a high school buddy sent me: