It’s especially useful considering the new Galaxy S10 range comes with two-way wireless charging. Samsung Galaxy Buds deals don’t come around often, and right now you can bag a pair of Korean tech giant’s wireless buds for just £89 from John Lewis as part of the 2020 Black Friday sales. Une technologie adaptative à 3 microphones, pour des appels d'une qualité absolue et une batterie longue durée. Có vẻ như Samsung rất thích sản xuất các mẫu tai nghe chuyên dành cho việc tập thể thao, chẳng hạn như tai nghe bluetooth samsung U Flex hay tai nghe samsung level active. With these types of noise-isolating earphones it's crucial to get a tight seal to get optimal sound quality. At $150 (£159, AU$299), they cost $20 more than the Galaxy Buds. Since our initial review, a Samsung Galaxy Buds update includes hands-free Bixby voice control, plus improved touch controls, and the ability to keep the ambient sound feature on at all times. Alongside their successors, the Samsung Galaxy Buds Plus, they make up a wider portfolio of Samsung true wireless earbuds, including two generations of the Gear IconX. Samsung’s Galaxy Buds were $129 at launch, while the Galaxy Buds+ are now $149. The Galaxy Buds may not work quite as well as the AirPods Pro or Anker Liberty Air 2 for making calls, but they're significantly improved in this area from the original Galaxy Buds. These features are also pretty much out of bounds for iOS users, as you can only download the app on devices running Android 5.0 or later. I'll also add that my wireless connection remained rock-solid during my two days of testing. For me, the Galaxy Buds win hands down in this department. The Galaxy Buds come in a small box with the charging case, a long USB type-C cable, three sets of silicone eartips and sport fins, and a small user guide. That's because they have a larger battery and two-way drivers, with a woofer and tweeter, as opposed to a single driver. Samsung Galaxy Buds Plus review The all-new Samsung Galaxy Buds Plus boasts better sound thanks to two discrete drivers By Olivia Tambini, Nick Pino 05 August 2020 You will receive a verification email shortly. The Samsung Galaxy Buds 3 weeks later are still kinda amazing. We loved the pearlescent effect on the buds outer housing and the sleek design of the case, and we found they felt comfortable and secure. That said, competing models like the Jabra Elite 75t (IPX5) offer higher water-resistance ratings and some are fully waterproof. I used the buds with an iPhone 11 Pro and a Galaxy S9 Plus ($640 at Amazon). Their design is like nothing we’ve ever seen before; they’re the first true wireless earbuds from Samsung to include noise cancellation and they’re tuned to offer a heaping helping of bass. © 2020 CNET, A RED VENTURES COMPANY. Photograph: Samsung. In fact, it’s 30% smaller and that’s sure to make a difference when you’re keeping these in your pocket. And yes, all of those new Samsung phones have the Wireless PowerShare feature, so you can top off your Galaxy Buds Plus just by resting the case on the phone's backside. The battery case, which charges via USB-C and wirelessly with any Qi-compatible charging pad, is also equipped with a larger battery -- a three-minute charge in the case gives you one hour of juice. The earbuds themselves look sleek and compact, with subtle rubber wingtips for a secure fit. I also didn't notice any problem with audio syncing when using various video streaming apps (including YouTube, Netflix and DisneyPlus). Overall, the Samsung Galaxy Buds look very attractive, with a slick all-white design comprising two earbuds and a charging case. That said, if you've held out this long to buy a pair you should probably consider the new Samsung Galaxy Buds Plus – a more premium model that doesn't cost much more and uses a dual-driver design to offer better sound quality as well as a larger built-in battery that increases the total listening time to 11 hours per charge. If you have a Samsung Galaxy S10, Galaxy S10 Plus or Galaxy S10e, pairing the buds is a seamless experience, similar to how the Apple AirPods connect instantly to iPhones. The Galaxy Buds Plus keep the same touch controls as the Buds. What separates the Samsung Galaxy Buds from the IconX, however, is that the latter does away with that Gear branding and makes these earbuds part of the Galaxy phone family, which offer up a neat trick with the Buds, but more on that later. Comparez les modèles par prix et fonctionnalité. There was a problem. ]. And they're not bundled with Samsung's new phones, but the $150 preorder credit with the Galaxy S20 Plus and S20 Ultra (when ordered via Samsung's site) effectively knocks the price down to free. Les nouveaux Galaxy Buds+ sont des écouteurs sans fil qui offrent une … Photograph: Samsung. Discuss: Samsung Galaxy Buds review: These Android-friendly truly wireless headphones don't dazzle, but they're good Sign in to comment. The Galaxy Buds Live are not cheap beans, starting at $170 in the US, with a range of three colors. $130 at Amazon. CNET may get a commission from these offers. However, they weigh 6.3 grams (0.2 ounce), or 0.7 gram more than the Buds. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. I got a pretty good seal with the largest of the included tips, but things improved when I switched to my own ear tips. Please deactivate your ad blocker in order to see our subscription offer, We check over 130 million products every day for the best prices. Available in three color options, black, light blue and white, the Galaxy Buds Plus have the same dimensions as their predecessors and look nearly identical. Most of the issues with connectivity seems to have been addressed by software updates sent out by Samsung, but as with most true wireless buds, you may experience connection dropouts if you are using them nearby other Bluetooth devices. On the outside of the case you’ll find a small LED that indicates how much battery the case has, whereas an LED inside the case tells you how much charge your earbuds have left. It feels as though Samsung has finally got it right with the Galaxy Buds, and they represent serious competition for the Apple AirPods in terms of design, sound, and ease of use. That allows you to hear your voice in the earbuds while talking. When I put together a list of best true wireless earbuds of 2019 in a YouTube video, I took some heat from fans of Samsung's Galaxy Buds ($80 at Amazon) for not including them in my roundup. Alas, while they feature the same noise-isolating design, they don't offer active noise cancellation like Apple's AirPods Pro do. The buds look the same as their predecessors but weigh slightly more, thanks to new components on the inside. The sound quality offered by these true wireless buds is also very good indeed, with deep bass, and a wide open soundstage; although, audiophiles may want to look elsewhere for a more natural sound treatment, as the Galaxy Buds do sound very warm. It’s smart, and we found it to work seamlessly in our brief testing time. Samsung Galaxy Buds Exclusive Features Does Samsung EarBuds work with Android? If you’ve used the Samsung Gear IconX, you’ll notice that the whole package here is much smaller than the last-gen earphones. On tracks like this, the use of air-displacing dynamic drivers means that you can almost feel the sub bass thumping in your chest – unusual for true wireless earbuds. C'est ce qu'on va voir dans ce test complet des Samsung Galaxy Buds Plus. There are only three … The charging case is compact and provides 6 hours of suitable battery life on normal volume levels. Saying that, if you like your music bassy you will probably like the way the Galaxy Buds sound. When you enable this feature, the Galaxy Buds play a constant tweeting noise so you can find them quickly. The Samsung Galaxy Buds were released on March 8, 2019 for $149 / £139 / AU$249, making them slightly cheaper than Apple’s AirPods. Visit our corporate site. Connectivity seems to vary between different users; multiple writers on the TechRadar team tested the buds, and while some experienced no connection dropouts, others experienced them regularly. And major spoiler alert: We really like them. Future US, Inc. 11 West 42nd Street, 15th Floor, Where Samsung’s previous true wireless buds, the Gear IconX, underwhelmed, the Galaxy Buds seem to shine; with warm, deep bass, and good separation, music sounds great when played through these little buds. In the app, you can also opt to have ambient sound on when making calls. The Galaxy Buds' pill-shaped carrier looks rather unassuming, but the 1.4-ounce, 2.8 x 1.5 x 1-inch case hides one of the Buds' biggest features –– wireless charging. 2 haut-parleurs qui délivrent un son AKG, une qualité audio riche en aigus et en basses. The Galaxy Buds+ look identical to the previous Galaxy Buds. In the app, you get some options for customizing the touch controls, including adjusting volume with a long press. The ones I used were rounder and little wider than the included tips, which should work fine for many people's ears. On the back of the case, there’s a USB-C charger port – the Galaxy Buds come with a USB cable so you can charge the case. If you don’t, you may miss out on some cool extra features offered by the Samsung Galaxy wearables app. Samsung Galaxy buds are the best alternatives for Apple Airpods for android users. They’re lightweight too – you can almost forget you’ve actually got them in place. That means you may be able to find a good discount on the original Samsung Galaxy Buds, as the company gears up to release a new model – read on for our thoughts on whether you should buy the wireless earbuds. © The downside here is that other features that are available on the app like ambient noise and the equalizer presets are useful to have, but didn’t always work as effectively as we hoped. The third time is a charm for Samsung's completely wirefree earbuds. By Samsung Galaxy Buds Live In-Ear Noise Cancelling Truly Wireless Headphones - Mystic Black - Open Box (10/10 Condition) (2 Reviews) $179.72. Since our initial review, a Samsung Galaxy Buds update includes hands-free Bixby voice control, plus improved touch controls, and the ability to keep the ambient sound feature on at all times. Read More: Samsung Galaxy Buds Plus Review. The Samsung Galaxy Buds are one of the best true wireless earbuds and liked by most of the users. Well-respected Austrian audio company AKG, which Samsung acquired when it bought Harman, is behind the audio. While the original Buds were also "tuned" by AKG, these are a nice upgrade over the originals -- and right there with what you get with the Jabra Elite 75t, if not even a touch better. You can customize the long-press action for the Galaxy Buds via the Samsung Galaxy Wearable app (Android only), choose from volume (up on the right, down on the left) or launching Bixby (long press on either bud). That means you can set up the feature on your Galaxy S10 phone and place your headphones on the rear of the device to get them charged up as well. Using a two-driver system, Galaxy Buds give an ample amount of bass and a pretty wide dynamic range for tiny speakers such as these.