This isn’t a bad thing–I just wanted to illustrate how design trends come and go. Buffer uses strong headers in the body of their articles, not just at the beginning, to give them a backbone and make it easier to read across different devices. Written by Tom May on 30 November … Now if you’re creating a ton of visual content, these flat icons are ideal because they can be adapted for a lot of different graphics like social media visuals, infographics, or presentations. And at its core, that’s what minimalism is all about. Kinda like the blues, pinks, and reds in the example below: After one of the largest trendsetting companies. Especially in their most recent Wrapped experience, which shows your listening habits for the past year: For a few weeks after they launched this promotion, I was even able to spot other people’s lists, just based on the colors they used. Instead of changing their logo design, which everyone already knew, they added a ton of new official brand colors to use with it. Or on the side of a building, like with this innovative event poster example: With futuristic designs, you can take a lot of risks and let your creativity run wild. Plus, they can help improve any image or stock photo. Luckily, this guide will help you stay ahead of the curve. They use illustrations on almost all of their landing pages Like this interesting one below: MailChimp also got into the spirit and used hand-drawn illustrations in their 2016 annual report! They, shaved a little bit off their typeface but also debuted a whole new “G” logo, Everything about that screamed minimalist but there was not one. And they like things that are insanely easy to use. A post shared by Intuit QuickBooks (@quickbooks) on Aug 21, 2020 at 12:00pm PDT. 2021 Graphic Design Trends: As 2020 draws to a close, we have an opportunity to reflect and look ahead at the trends … I guarantee it. This helps them present a unified brand across all of their marketing channels. They are in an extremely competitive space, fighting with thousands of sports writers for your eyeballs. A simple hashtag can be used to make sure your message or branding is crystal clear as well: Over the past few years, I have been seeing minimalist and handwritten fonts lose a lot of their popularity. Plus those posters will definitely stand out on the busy streets of NYC. Personally, I like using muted color palettes because they blend well with text. Now just because you should be using more branded GIFs that doesn’t mean they can’t be funny! What I like about their simple videos is that they can use their brand colors, fonts and voice in each of them. But just because I’m recommending that you upgrade your GIFs, doesn’t mean they all have to be bland or serious. The GIF below from Revolut could have been a reaction GIF from Friends or The Office: We just reached 7 million customers! From Adidas using it across all of their marketing: To Samsung, which illustrates nicely the move to more vivid colors this year as well: This bold font makes it easy to read the text on social media feeds and on mobile devices. One of the easiest is to use a single icon like in these, Or you can use multiple flat icons to create a more complex graphic like, We take this approach sometimes when creating our own, into graphics with these flat icons. This movement started to take form last year with the rise of hand-drawn illustrations and icons. This minimalist approach keeps the presentation cohesive and eye-catching, all without being too complex. A lot of seasoned graphic design experts believe that there is going to be a substantial … Apply them to your designs in a single click: If you’re looking for something a little more complex, check out these examples from the Adobe 99U Conference: In these examples, the gradients are the main focal point and dominate the graphics. At Venngage we got the memo as well when we created this fun Halloween infographic: One of our designers created each of the illustrations from scratch, and it makes me smile each time. Plus, like some of the other rising graphic design trends, they look incredible on mobile devices. A few years ago, bright, bold and colorful stock images become extremely popular. Another great example of using bold font comes from Nike at the Public School New York Streetball Classic: This bold font just screams strength. We also took a similar approach, when creating this. experience, which shows your listening habits for the past year: A great example comes from the shoe giant, Adidas. And hopefully, make it pop on the white backgrounds of the many social media sites. Kinda like what, Your content could be great but it will never get the chance because you picked a bad featured image. I would recommend using this approach to help people navigate long reads, no matter the screen size. It doesn’t matter if you use a light font color like below: Or a darker font–the text really stands out against the muted backgrounds and other elements: In this template, even the small white text is easy to read because of the muted background color: Unlike some fast shifting graphic design trends, I have seen that color palettes usually take at least 3 or 4 years to become overused and not trendy. This is especially helpful if you are a large tech company like Dropbox. Instead, I wanted to point out that the biggest brands in the world of tech are embracing this dual-colored app design trend. If you want someone to focus on a single data point, the data visualization will be a lot different than one where you compare multiple things. Just look at what, After working in the design world for 5+ years, I still sometimes get, Serif fonts are one of the oldest font styles or typefaces that are still in use. uses gradients as color filters across their content: . this example, which has been used by almost every tech company at least once: started doing this a few years ago in all facets of their design but they were one of only a few. It could even catch your eye from across a crowded room. If you want to blow readers out of the water, take note of these slides from the Ringling College Motion Design conference: These slides are literally called “Future Proof” and feel like they were pulled straight from an episode of Star Trek or Blade Runner. Take a look at the infographic below to check out the biggest graphic design trends heading into 2021. Mixing bold font choices with interesting colors to create an eye-catching graphic: I have been using Google Fonts for a while now because they are so versatile. While digital marketing trends are primarily driving … You may have noticed the world of design feels a little more colorful lately. They built this new branding to show that great things can happen when diverse minds work together. I believe that this approach will help brands create unique content that will stand above the noise on social media. Cinemagraphs are less obtuse than a GIF or a video, and can still be used in all parts of, Some companies are already doing it and have been for a while, like the music wizards over at. Now if you don’t have an account you can quickly sign up for the service as well. However, I think this is the year the gradient grows up and is used in more ways than just a simple background.