Contact DIAGORAS TWR (freq.118.200) or RODOS APP (freq.127.250, 118.250) at reporting points or any other point but not later than 5 min prior to entering RODOS TMA. In case of any cheating during a practical exam, regardless whether during the theoretical or the practical part, the result will be 0/100 and a blocking of 6 months for exams will be appointed to the examinee. For radios: switch to the MF at 15 miles, set the … This documentation is copyrighted as part of the intellectual property of the International Virtual Aviation Organisation. • Provide SA to ATC: During check-in, pilots should state their intentions and planned work area using plain language. Airport Briefing Departure and Approach Procedures Take Off Procedures. turn into the wind and try to land on the RWY. There's a lot that goes into briefing an instrument approach well. Here you may view some pictures from the area and the circuits: View the following pictures of the Circling CHARLIE procedure: The briefing for a VFR approach is not as comprehensive as the briefing for an IFR approach, but nevertheless should prepare the pilot for all anticipated contingencies. n°4 TV studio Comano The training material is available on the IVAO website following these links below: The examiner will check your ability to correctly use the main functions of the software, mainly: During the practical exam, the examiner shall question you about theoretical knowledge: Each score will reflect the exactness and range of your knowledge (for theoretical data) and your ability to accurately execute the exercises (and your performance in doing so). The pass-mark for the exam is 75/100 (corresponding to at least 15 correct answers). STUDY. General. Aircraft in VFR operating within Lugano CTR for Landing or after departure shall proceed via the established reporting points as published on Lugano VAC and/or instructed by Lugano tower. Everything you do should be designed to leave you an escape route. Contact DIAGORAS TWR (freq.118.200) or RODOS APP (freq.127.250, 118.250) at reporting points or any other point but not later than 5 min prior to entering RODOS TMA. Aircraft type. Knowledge of controller altimetry including TRL/TA, QNH, QFE, QDM, QDR, Knowledge of airspace set up including CTR, CTA, TMA and FIR around the airport including airspace classifications, also related from the point of view of separation, information, responsibilities of pilot versus controller, Explain I,V, Y and Z flight plan including procedures for giving the appropriate clearance, Knowledge of VFR rules including Special VFR, Night VFR and controlled VFR. Pilots within the contiguous U.S. may access Flight Service through or by contacting them at 1-800-WX-Brief to obtain preflight weather data and to file IFR and VFR flight plans. GENERAL: 1.1 Access to Athinai TMA is restricted to aircraft capable of maintaining two-way radio communication with the appropriate ATS unit. This will cause the exam to be considered as failed (score shall be 1/100 or 0/100 depending of examiner). The approach light system, except that the pilot may not descend below 100 feet above the touchdown zone elevation using the approach lights as a reference unless the red terminating bars or the red side row bars are also distinctly visible and identifiable. In general, if you are briefing in the briefing spaces, pull up the METARs/TAFs, NOTAMs, and BASH on the computer, otherwise print them off right before your brief. Aircraft's number or pilot's name. These are techniques used to prepare for landings. 7. The overshoot if required will be VFR back to the circuit, using standard power and configuration. 1. • Receive SA from ATC: Joshua Approach should respond with Work Area Clearance, relevant TIBS - Transcribed Information Briefing Service ... Clayton Scott Field / Renton Municipal Airport (KRNT) - VFR APPROACH The Renton Municipal Airport, owned by the City of Renton, is a general aviation airport which serves Renton and other nearby communities. Adverse Conditions 2. Note that you can expect unknown activity of VFR traffic (no radio contact in airspace E/G) around the CTR as well as above it! The validator will verify the marking based on the comments and marking sheet of the examiner. Items to Review Before You Brief. SPEED RESTRICTIONS Speed adjustment under radar control: - 210 KT starting the turn to intercept LOC or appropriate VOR radial or NDB reading (in case of VOR DME or NDB DME final approaches) or at a distance of 12 NM from THR in case of straight-in approach. For VFR flights during a visual approach, a pilot must descend as necessary to: by day—operate not below the lowest altitude permissible for VFR flight (CAR157); and by night—maintain not less than the lowest altitude permissible for VFR flight (CAR 174B) until the aircraft is within 3 nm of the aerodrome and the aerodrome is in sight. Test. If no e-mail is received in time the exam will be marked as failed. VFR-circuit flights are not allowed during the event unless specified in the event description 3.2.1. While radio communication is not … Type of flight - IFRor VFR. I know it sounds like a mouthful but it’s so important that you have an effective departure briefing down talking about what you will be doing, who’s pilot in command, and what’s gonna happen in the event of an emergency. The maximum score is 100 points. Departure/Arrival/Briefings Have an approach segment preflight checklist for each segments of the approach. Your local division may have set additional requirements that should be published on its web site. (See FIG 5-4-5) Flight Planning Made Easy Welcome to, a virtual flight planning service designed for Flight Simulation hobbyists looking to take their flights to the next level! You can brief the approach quickly and easily by holding the approach plate in your lap and starting at the top and working your way down the page. Approach Briefing. Type of flight planned; e.g., VFR or IFR. An exam is considered as failed and the practical part will stop immediately or will not be performed if: If the examinee fails to arrive for the exam at the time organised, the examiner should wait for 15 minutes. Implementation of the Jeppesen Briefing Strip TM concept New color scheme for airspace classes Reduced chart clutter To learn more ... VFR Manual - the right approach to VFR flight. Tpa. We know that the MSA is not a real parameter to be used on radar vectoring but it is the only value we consider to be feasible for virtual purposes. Study the circling procedure approach charts to identify the obstacles, terrain configuration and densely populated areas. Expected rw. 3.2. However, in countries where charts are not easily and freely available, it is the responsibility of the examiner/division to provide the necessary material and/or links so that both examiner and examinee can work on the same charts. VFR Briefing . Verify the specific requirements and conditions for the use of the two different circling procedures. We strongly recommend voice communication on all exams. Learn vocabulary, terms, and more with flashcards, games, and other study tools. BRIEFING STRIP MISSED APCH: TM Gnd speed-Kts 70 90 100 120 140 160 347 447 496 595 695 794 360^ RADAR FIX RADAR FIX 1520' 5.0 1.0 2.0 3.0 6.0 NM 5.0 NM VICTOR GIBRALTAR AB Contact Approach at 50 NM inbound 122.8 *GIBRALTAR Tower 131.2 18-1 GIBRALTAR, GIBRALTAR CIVIL USED PROC 3 1 5^ 1 3 5^ 2 2 6800' 5 ^ 3900' 2500' RADAR Final Apch Crs 360^ 5.0 NM MDA(H) RADAR FIX … The APC exam is a series of tasks to appreciate your basic ATC theoretical knowledge and controlling skills. 1. (a) Except as provided in paragraph (b) of this section and § 91.157, no person may operate an aircraft under VFR when the flight visibility is less, or at a distance from clouds that is less, than that prescribed for the corresponding altitude and class of … This decision cannot be discussed on frequency. Log in Sign up. n°1 Lago di Muzzano Match. The use of reporting points N2, E2, S2, W2 (“November 2”, “Echo 2”, “Sierra 2”, … Before requesting for the exam, check that this e-mail address is valid since it is the only way for the examiner to get in touch with you. Safety Briefing Kortrijk-Wevelgem International Airport Version: 2020-001 Introduction . If traffic loads are high, expect delays or even a cancellation of the flight. The validation process needs a validation delay estimated from one day minimum to an average maximum of one week. 6. Write. The briefing will provide general information concerning the main operational issues of Bolzano Aerodrome such as:  Aerodrome general information  General operational requirements  Local Weather  Orography  Approach … Kortrijk Airport has developed an online safety briefing, in order to inform pilots of: * The particularities of Kortrijk Airport and the surrounding airspace * The changes since the introduction of the IFR PBN procedures, both on RWY24 and RWY06. The following instrument approaches procedures, with the corresponding requirements, are available in Lugano: Be aware that a Qualification A is required prior to performing a visual approach. (as applicable in the division), cruise altitudes and flight levels, semi-circular rules, VMC minima, Knowledge of IFR rules including initial IFR clearance, cruise altitudes and flight levels, semi-circular rules, IFR separation in TMA, Important aerodrome phenomena (wind shear) and how to inform the pilot about it, Knowledge of the approach procedures (ILS, VOR, NDB, RNAV approaches, Holding and performance at low speed), Knowledge of MRVA, MSA and surveillance radar approach and relevance between different ILS categories, missed approach handling. Aircraft in VFR operating within Lugano CTR for Landing or after departure shall proceed via the established reporting points as published on Lugano VAC and/or instructed by Lugano tower. Examinee decides to stop the exam at any time after it has begun (score shall be 1/100 or 0/100 depending of examiner).