Remember that making good use of certain tips above can greatly increase the effectiveness and success rate of these strategies. He also has higher health to drain, and more defense. Ele é uma versão mais difícil do Eye of Cthulhu. 20-40 Souls of Sight5-15 Greater Healing Potion15-30 Hallowed Bar(only if Spazmatism has been defeated) The lasers do not pass through blocks. They are the only sources of Souls of Sight. Rapid Laser Retinazer transforms at 8000 / 12000 / 15300 HP while Spazmatism transforms at 9200 / 13800 / 17594 HP. Terraria Wiki is a Fandom Gaming Community. 36 / 68 When it is to the side of the player, it will begin to shoot its laser in rapid-fire bursts. 9,000/23,000 13,500/34,500 The Twins are a Hardmode Boss that are the Hardmode and mechanical versions of the Eye of Cthulhu. There is an example below. While shooting the cursed flames, Spazmatism will try to stay in a horizontal position from you. "This is going to be a terrible night...". Before this, Retinazer uses all 1st form icons while Spazmatism using all 2nd form icons. O The Twins é um boss do Hardmode, o primeiro dos mecânicos e o 2º mais fácil. Hey Guys! Monster Retinazer uses all 1st form map icons while Spazmatism uses all 2nd form icons. The eyes despawn if you teleport too far away. Battling The Twins while both are in their second form makes the battle much more difficult, especially in. From personal experience the best arenas for fighting the Twins is a sky bridge, a really long sky bridge. In this series I will learn how to play the game while I have fun in my wonderful world. 8,000/20,000 12,000/30,000 The Twins Despawning Early Me and a friend are currently running Expert Mode together and every time we come to fight The Twins the remaining eye despawns before we can kill it and are awarded no drops. Each eye has a second form, which each individually reaches upon its health dipping to 40%. Melee Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. The Twins are two separate flying entities, Retinazer and Spazmatism, connected by a tendril, each with its own attack pattern and life count. Both alternate between their signature ranged attacks and charging melee attack, much like the Eye of Cthulhu. HP The projectiles do not pass through blocks. Spazmatism's fireballs inflict Cursed Inferno for 2x / 2.5x the duration. The Mod I'm using: /Terraria_Forum/thread/Gameiki_Terraria_Mod-27 EVERY SINGLE 1.2.4 ITEM: /wiki/124 Eye Fire Spazmatism's second form transforms into a mechanical mouth (A lot like the Eye of Cthulhu). Summoned By Immune To If the player has defeated, The best choice of weapons for this boss are the, The player should bring buff potions/items relevant to their weapon/class of choice. Welcome to my Let's Play of the Xbox 360 Edition of Terraria. Aiming can be simplified by luring the Twins to the top of the world and then falling straight down as they follow the player, but beware of the, This strategy can work wonders by building a, This strategy can also work quite well if the player uses a very fast weapon (such as the. Base level, recommended equipment for this fight is, Melee is not recommended for this boss, as most melee weapons available at this stage are lacking, and they make Spazmatism's deadliest attacks almost impossible to dodge. Spazmatism (Second Form)   10 Summoned By The boss fight can be initiated by using a Mechanical Eye, or by waiting for The Twins to spawn normally (although this might take a while). The Twins are two separate flying entities, Retinazer and Spazmatism, connected by a tendril, each with its own attack pattern and life count. The Twins are a Hardmode mechanical boss which is essentially a more difficult version of the Eye of Cthulhu. 50 / 88 Bannerℹ️ With the help of one or more friends, fighting the bosses becomes much simpler. HP The Twins Reprised adds more monsters onto the blood moon. Attack The Twins now transform at 2/5th HP, instead of at half HP. It fires a large blast of magic that cannot pierce, but instead deals 6 hits of damage to the target. In their first form, the Ichor debuff will reduce their defenses to 0. Although the Mechanical Eye requires Souls of Light, that are only available in a world where the Wall of Flesh has been defeated, The Twins can technically be summoned in any world, regardless of whether or not Hard Mode has been unlocked in it. 28 Both must be killed in order to defeat the boss. Its best Modifier is Mythical. Laser Stats When Otherworldly music is enabled, the track Boss 2 (Otherworldly) will play instead. This Guide to defeating them will focus on what you need to prepare, how to get the components for the mechanical eye to summon them at will, and what you'll get when you defeat the pair. Dig, fight, explore, build! Monster This can also happen if all players are underground, and is also applicable for the other two mechanical bosses. Be careful, as if either the player luring Retinazer or all of the players fighting Spazmatism are defeated, one of the bosses might despawn, making it impossible to get the spoils from beating one twin. A maioria dos NPCs são vendedores, mostrando um inventário de loja quando a opção "Loja" é selecionada. 10 In this form, Retinazer gains significantly more defense and a much more frightening laser attack named Death Laser. Inflicts Mohou být přivolány pomocí Mechanického Oka (Mechanical Eye) v noci, a musí být poraženy než nastane úsvit, jinak zmizí. 45 / 76 Spazmatism's first form. It fires more rapidly and with higher damage, and periodically fires in quick barrages which does significantly less damage. 76561198398642269. Running from end to end and ad looping over/under them to switch directions. Terraria Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community. You can also connect heart and star statues through wires to … The Twins, as the name suggests, are two separate monsters, both of which must be defeated. Defense For this to happen, you must be moving fast enough to keep ahead of the second stage eye, such that the first stage eye falls behind (off screen). Melee Drops (Night only, when Mechanical Eye is used) Obtida ... Terraria Wiki is a Fandom Gaming Community. Focus on killing Spazmatism completely first, as his Cursed Inferno debuff can prove to be deadly. v1.2.3 Added to the game. Bestiary Description This is an easy strategy. 543k members in the Terraria community. Inflicts After it is beaten, the player can make a small box with some openings for their attacks to fight Retinazer, as it never charges at the player in its second form and will not shoot unless it has a clear line of sight. Stats The flames have a limited range, so with proper equipment, it's possible to outrun them for a while. Abrir / Ativar nele abrirá uma janela de diálogo com uma ou mais opções para o jogador selecionar. Cursed Inferno Attack Spazmatism Trophy(10% (1:10)) The Twins (" The Twins " em inglês) are a Hardmode mechanical boss which is essentially a more difficult version of the Eye of Cthulhu. The following is a list of strategies that players can employ to defeat The Twins. For more elaborate strategies on defeating The Twins, including, For changes which affect all the mechanical bosses, see. Drops Nothing is impossible in this action-packed adventure … 67 / 113 This effectively means that if you were to only look a the mini map for the duration of the fight, Retinazer would look like Spazmatism’s first phase when it gets to phase 2, and Spazmatism would look like Retinazer’s second phase when it is in phase 1. Spazmatism, in its first form, will shoot cursed flames projectiles at the player and occasionally make a series of lunges at them. The Twins mostly attack by charging, so a long skybridge (preferably made of asphalt) is recommended. If one of them goes too far from the other one offscreen, it disappears, making it impossible to get loot from only killing one eye. Also, Spazmatism's second form looks similar to the Eye of Cthulhu's second form. “Belonging to a pair of mechanically recreated Eyes of Cthulhu, this one focuses its energy into firing powerful lasers.” 100% It can only be used at night; using this item during the day will not spawn The Twins or consume it. Spazmatism's second form has visible bolts along either side, whereas Retinazer’s second form only has them along one side. 75 / 127 Note that just like Eye of Cthulhu, they cannot do anything during transformation, so this may provide an excellent opportunity to inflict a large amount damage on them. Graz talks to viewers about an easy way to kill the twins in Terraria, this is his method which works, and hopefully it will work for you too! When they charge, jump over them and continue. Spazmatism may be a better choice for defeating first, since its cursed flames are difficult to avoid without proper mobility equipment/buffs in its second form. Laser Retinazer Trophy(10% (1:10)) While The Twins are alive, the music Boss 2 will play. Monster How to Draw The Twins from Terraria step by step, learn drawing by this tutorial for kids and adults. Suggestions? Retinazer is a laser-shooting eye with a red iris; Spazmatism is a similar-textured eye, though it has a green iris. Retinazer becomes a mechanical eye with a laser cannon in its pupil, and only fires projectiles, ceasing its attempts to ram the player (or align with the player diagonally). With one player luring Retinazer away and taking cover to avoid its attacks, others can concentrate their fire on Spazmatism and kill it quickly, and successively go back to Retinazer and defeat it. Spazmatism's second form. It is possible for one of the 2 eyes to despawn, but loot can still be obtained as long as the last eye is killed, excluding the missing eye's trophy. 1.3k votes, 20 comments. It will alternate between rapidly charging at the player to use its insanely powerful melee attack, and slowly giving chase while using its medium-range cursed flame breath attack (which is almost identical to the Flamethrower's fire). A player fighting The Twins and The Destroyer, “Belonging to a pair of mechanically recreated Eyes of Cthulhu, this one focuses its energy into firing powerful lasers.”, “Belonging to a pair of mechanically recreated Eyes of Cthulhu, this one chases at high speed, exhaling cursed flames.”, By Retinazer's health dropping to half of its full health, By Spazmatism's health dropping to 2/5 of its full health, A player using the "Standing Still" method.