It is an authentic Indian style flat bread popular in the coastal Malabar region of Kerala and it is prepared using only three ingredients – rice flour, cooking oil and water. The end product is very much like lasagna without the dripping cheese and tomato sauce. Chatti Pathiri is one of the most favourite snacks of North Malabar. Instead of pasta; pastry sheets / pancakes made with flour, egg, and water are used. 5 5Shares During the poll on my Instagram profile, after the Bread Kunafa, this recipe garnered the second highest number of votes. The pan should be heated beforehand. Online Vegetarian & Non-Vegetarian Recipe - Cook Safari, Enjoy the festival of Holi by munching delicious Jalebi. COOK WITH DEEPA shows you simple, easy exotic vegetarian and non vegetarian cuisine recipes from all around the world with a Kerala Touch. Here I used bread instead of crepes, chappatis or rotis. Chatti Pathiri is a layered pastry made in the North Malabar and Malabar region of Kerala. In this recipe, to prepare the tortillas, For tortilla preparation all-purpose flour (maida) is used. -~-~~-~~~-~~-~- … Cook safari is an online cooking class where you can learn to cook various authentic flavours of India sitting at home. Eggs - 5 Sugar -5 tbsp Cardamom pods (powdered) - 2 Ghee - 4 tbsp Poppy seeds - 1 ½ tbsp Raisins - 100 gm Cashew nuts - 100 gm. It is like the Indian version of Lasagna. Though the porridge also has a non-vegetarian version with meat and chicken, a vegetarian version is mostly preferred. ... Chatti Pathiri. NOTE:You have two methods to choose to complete the dish; continue on the stove top or place CHATTI PATHIRI in a preheated moderate oven 350°F/180°C/gas mark 4, until all the coconut milk evaporates; you will notice the side “starting” to become dry. chatti pathiri savory layered pastry made with whole wheat flour . A layered pastry that can be made in both sweet and savory form. Chatti Pathiri – sweet version is from Anita of Slice Of My Life. First c ook chicken in 2 cups water with 1/4 tsp turmeric powder and salt to taste until done, for about 20-25 minutes. This dish is made both in sweet and savory variations. I stuck to Joanne’s Chatti Pathiri recipe with a few changes. There are both sweet and savory versions. The literal translation means… Chatti-pan/skillet and pathiri-pancake/crepe. It should be flipped onto the other side once one side turns golden brown. For Filling. So I was thinking of quitting this month’s challenge. It is made in both sweet and savory variations. My friends in Kerala refer to the Pathiri as the state's own version of lasagna. Chatti Pathiri(Whole Wheat) with beef filling with step by step photos. One recipe that I keep seeing everywhere during Ramadan is Chattipathiri. It’s a baked layered crepe cake. The best accompaniment for the kanji is cherupayar puzhukku. Next heat oil in a pan. Chatti Pathiri is one of the most favourite snacks of North Malabar. Each layer of roti is first stuffed with chicken, and then dipped in a beaten egg mixture and layered to form a stack, followed by cooking in a pan (pathiri). Sweet Bread Chattipathiri is an easy version of the authentic snack of Malabar region, very popular and greatly relished as an Iftar Special. A “chatti pathiri” is Malabar’s answer to the Italian lasagna. Chatti Pathiri Recipe. Vahchef with Indian food videos inspires home cooks with new recipes every day. Eggs – 3 Sugar–3tbsp Cardamom powder - 2 pinch. The fillings differ in the sweet version. • Sugar - 3/4cup . Speaking of flour, as making crepes out of regular flour would be too boring for me (I count myself a crepe expert :)), at first, I decided on rice crepes. Bread Idli. It requires lots of work . • Egg - 7 numbers. Click here to check out her recipe Mushroom gravy filling: If you do not eat mushrooms, you can use potato, paneer, peas, corn, tofu, fried/grilled brinjal etc instead Chatti Pathiri is very similar to the Italian lasagna where instead of pasta, pastry sheets/ pancakes, made with flour, egg, oil and water is used in this recipe. It has a ton of variations with a savory or sweet filling, with crepes made of rice flour, whole wheat or regular flour. • Cashew nuts - 1 cup . Instructions. This soft chapati like bread is made by first mixing rice flour with warm water into dough and then … I doubled the crepe recipe because I wanted more layers and I increased the amount of chicken used and added some mushrooms as well. • Warm water - 1/2 cup . • Ghee - 3/4 cup . Erachi pathiri (fried bread stuffed with Chicken masala) is a traditional Muslim food item, which is very delicious, rich meat-filled pastry. Layering and assembling is an important step in this recipe. Chattipathiri is a popular Malabar Ifthar dish. Chatti Pathiri is a traditional dish from the Malabar cuisine which is a layered pastry usually made in the North Malabar and Malabar region of Kerala State. Vegetarian Breakfast. I was so taken in by that, that I had to google it right away to see I already have the savory version on the blog, which is made of crepes, layered with delicious chicken filling, and cooked on stove top till it looks like a beautiful layered cake. Chatti pathiri is a layered pastry made in the North Malabar and Malabar region, of Kerala, India. But this time we prepared sweet vegetarian version. Lots of nuts and coconut are added to make this delicious and rich treat. The dish is similar to the Italian lasagna, but instead of pasta, pastry sheets / pancakes made with flour, egg, oil and water … Pathiri Pathiri could be easily described as delicious Malabari pancakes and these specially made crispy delicacies act as the perfect foil to traditional Malayali chicken and fish curry. Chatti Pathiri is a layered pastry made in the Northern Malabar region of Kerala. For this month’s Indian Cooking Challenge, our challenge was Chatti Pathiri , a sweet layered , filled with dry fruits crepes that are soaked in coconut milk finally baked in oven.Oh my ! Chatti pathiri is a layered pastry made in the Malabar region, of Kerala. Using a roller pin, roll the dough out into very thin … Chatti pathiri is a famous classic malabar regional snack. © 2020 Online Vegetarian & Non-Vegetarian Recipe - Cook Safari. Chatti Pathiri. • Salt - 3 pinch . by Adeela Shamnas November 4, 2018. By clicking 'Join' you are agreeing to our Privacy Policy. Usually chatti pathiri is made as a savory dish with layers of pathiri sandwiched between meat fillings. Pathiri is a traditional and authentic food item of Kerala muslims. For savoury filling, refer to Chicken Chatti Pathiri … It can have both sweet and savoury variations. It is made in both sweet and savoury variations. Each layer of roti is first stuffed with chicken, and then dipped in a beaten egg mixture and layered to form a stack, followed by cooking in a pan (pathiri). Chatti pathal / Chatti Pathiri This video explain how to make chatti pathiri. It is made in both sweet and savory variations. This is a little time consuming recipe but really tasty and delicious. To make the pathiri batter, in a mixing bowl, combine wheat flour, all purpose flour along with ½ cup of water and mix to form batter that is similar to that of a pancake batter. We usually prepares it in all iftars. chatti pathiri also known as chatti pathal is a traditional dish made by malabar muslims during iftar( the time they break fast in the month of ramzan).In our region this chatti pathiri is not famous. Chatti pathiri Chatti Pathiri is similar to Lasagna where layers of spiced (masala) beef or chicken mixture are placed between layers of egg dipped pancakes and baked in oven. Pathiri is usually served along with meat or fish curries for breakfast, dinner, Iftaar etc. It is mostly popular in Northern Malabar region. Chatti Pathiri is a sweet dish made of flour, egg and oil and seasoned with cardamom and other spices along with nuts and dry fruit. The dough is rolled to prepare thin tortillas. The combination of spinach and chicken is an everlasting, healthy and delicious combination which ta...... Presting you a most perfect and flavourful chicken dish with a spicy touch will be a perfect appetiz...... this is a sweet appetizer of northen kerala.and its known as malabari sweet dish.the main content of this is eggs. We give you classes through video conferencing. For coating. It is a meal by itself. Pathiri By Using Cooked Rice. The dough obtained should be soft and easy to work with. Thalassery Cuisine refers to the distinct cuisine from Thalassery town of northern Kerala, that has blended in Arabian, Persian, Indian and European styles of cooking as a result of its long history as a maritime trading post.Thalassery is known for its Tellicherry biriani (in local dialect, biri-yaa-ni). The bottom most layer should be that of tortilla, topped with the chicken stuffing, and again topped with a tortilla dipped in egg mixture. 13) Chatti Pathiri . Puttu With Leftover Cooked Rice. It is a layered crepes filled with sweet or savory filling. … Chatti Pathiri. The tortillas should not be very thin; otherwise they might break while cooking. For Pathiri: Mix the flour with water and salt and knead till soft dough is obtained. Chatti Pathiri isa layered pastry made in the North Malabar and Malabar region, of Kerala, India. Chatti Pathiri – Malabar Dish. Their ability to soak in the spice and add texture to the overall experience makes them essentials at almost all major feasts across God’s Own Country. Pathiri has its roots in the Arabic word for pastry - fateerah. Here multi layered tortillas are prepared and is stuffed with delicious spicy chicken. For the Indian Cooking Challenge, the inspiration came when I glanced on a dish that was shared on FB. 4) When all … Image Courtesy: Suji’s Cooking. kneed maida well by adding 3 pinch of salt with warm water.make 10 medium size thin chappathies.take a non stick pan.simmer the heat.half cook those chappathies.then take another frying pan.put 1/2 cup of ghee to the hot pan.lower the flame.then add cashew nuts, raisins till it become golden brown.remove it into a plate.after that add those poppy seeds.fry it for a second.and just strain it in a tea strainer.keep those fried things ,take a bowl beat 7 eggs by adding sugar,cardomom powderd.take another small cup and pour just half to the small cup of those beaten eggs.keep it aside.then pour those beaten eggswhich was in the big bowl in to a hot pan by adding 5tspn of ghee.mix it well amp;scatter it.then take a non stick medium size container .put it in a simmer heat.add 1/4 cup of ghee.take one half cooked chappathy.dip it in to the egg which we had kept aside in a small cup.put that chappathy in to the contaiter.springle little bit fried poppy seeds,nuts,raisinsamp;also those fried scatterd eggs.continue the same proceedure for rest of 9 chappathy.fill the container.i mean spread evenly those chappathy.there should not be gap in sides of the container.and on the top ,that is for the last chappathy.add only poppy seeds,nutsamp;raisins.pour the rest of ghee which was used to fry .close the container with the lid.and just cook it for 15 min in a simmer heat.remember it should not be cooked in a high the lid after 1 will be in the form of a cake.remove it in to a plate.cut in and can be served. The dish is very similar to Italian lasagne in appearance, but Tortillas are prepared instead of pasta here.